Monday, April 21, 2014


querido familia,

first off, lo siento for the lack of letter last week.... it was a busy one!

second, my new comp is AMERICAN.  hermana smith. she´s super great!   she´s from a small town in oregon, super sweet. blonde, tall, white (obviously).  She was companions with hermana rush in the CCM.  So she has 11 months (oh my gosh my mom has 11 months in the mission now it blows my mind.... speaking of hermana rush we saw each other on tuesday at Caribe Tours transfer station and she´s as beautiful as ever!  she´s gonna be an hermana leader in the capital.  such a proud daughter. her spanish rocks also.) 

So i´m super excited to be with Hna. S, she´s way fun. we have had an awesome week together.  She really loves working and makes it fun.  We just skip down the dirt roads together and talk to every one and get great comments about people asking for our visas and whatnot.  

I kept forgeting my little green hymnario for the first couple of days and it got really annoying because all we could sing was ¨Soy un Hijo de Dios¨ or ¨Divina Luz¨ because those are the only two I have for sure memorized.  now I have a giant paper taped on the door that says ¨¨bring the dang hymn book¨ and for the past 4 days it has been doing it´s job.

ok thirdly, saturday was my 7 month mark but more importantly ISABEL HUISH¨S BIRTHDAY!!!!  I turn 7 and she turns 15 on the same day. happy birthday chum.  I love you so and am so proud to be the sister of a track star, fro haired, chill girl like you. 

Saturday morning we did what we always have the pleasure of doing... cleaned the capilla!  YAY.  Brenda came to ¨help¨ and she just dinked on the piano and got her brown footprints all over my freshly mopped relief society room.  YAY.  we kicked her out and she told us she wouldn´t be coming to church tomorrow because she got invited to the beach.  I sat her down and gave her a nice long talk about the sabbath day and that God is more important than the beach.  All she said was ¨well, I was invited TO THE BEACH.¨  she seemed pretty stoked to go so whatever.  she´s nine. and hopefully she´ll get stung by a jelly fish and realize it´s God telling her she should be at church.  Ok, that´s a joke..... :) 

On Saturday the elders called AT 12 telling us we had to be at BON to eat ice cream with them at 12:30 because they had something ¨urgent¨ to talk about.  We thought they were being dumb but we went anyways because Bon is good, and then they actually did tell us some crazy news....

The Zone of San Juan is changing things up a bit.  Here in San Juan the members are really floho.  they´re just not converted and strong and so the foundation here is floho too and so it´s especially difficult to have progressing investigators and menos activos when the actual ACTIVE members aren´t strong.  SO... we are doing member work.  We have to visit every active member twice a week and talk with them about scripture reading, testimonies, priesthood, tithing, and good stuff like that.  So the majority of our time will be spent on members for the next 6 weeks.  teaching, edifying.  We have to bring treats and make it fun and exciting so the members are pumped about working hard and strengthening themselves.  I´m actually really excited about this because san juan REALLY NEEDS THIS right now.  

ALSO, my new Zone leader is ELDER QUIROGA my old district leader in azua.  I respect him so much, he´s an amazing missionary and I was totally praying that he´d come here to be my zone leader.  and God liked my idea!!  woot woot.  So elder Quiroga and Elder Manubay came to our house today to talk a little more about this change.  They said they won´t tell us many details until our zone meeting next saturday but they are trying to start a movement here in San Juan.  They asked me to draw a bunch of logos that say ¨YO LO SE¨ and we´re going to make buttons and posters and stickers and lots of stuff.  I´m excited but SUPER nervous because it´s all in my hands for the designing and stuff... sheesh. so now i´m a little regretful i asked God to make Elder Quiroga my ZL because he´s the one who saw my drawing book for Gabriel and knew I can draw.  WHY!?! 

Church was great because a bunch of old men investigators of hermana becars came to church because my new comp is tall and beautiful like her... haha YES.  I think it´s great because it means lots of sacerdocio baptisms.  haha jk..... ish 

After church I ran around trying to set up visits with the members and schedule everything because my new comp knows no one except Kelvin, the annoying investogator who never wants to get baptized but likes to flirt with the white girls.  

Our missionary coordination mtg with Wilson and president ended at 730 and we had our last cita with flia Mesa at 7... so we  ran there, they fed us fried eggs and batadas, we talked about scripture reading and invited them to read about the wise man who built his house upon a rock, and then booked it home... except it was POURING RAIN.  

AND MY SHOES WERE KILLING ME.  I wore the flat crocs because i heard it was going to rain and let me tell you my feeling about crocs.  The only reason I bought them was for comfort, right? because crocs are ugly and should never be worn in normal circumstances...  BUT, they were killing my feet and givng me giant blisters so now I am just dumbfounded why crocs are still in business.  

So I ran home in the pouring rain on slushy dirt and rocky roads barefoot.... 
If I were to rate crocs on their website I would give them one star out of 5. and the only reason they get one star is they are light and easy to carry when you have to sprint home so you're not late so the elders don´t get mad.

But the good news is when we got home hermana Santana had boiling water ready for us to shower with... so sweet.  it was heavenly!  

Also, last night I accidently drank faucet water after brushing my teeth. I was pretty grossed out with myself.  But I´m sure the water isn´t as bad as the 
hot dogs we sometimes buy on the street by our house... I´m just strengthening my immune system here. 

PS my hair is all falling out.  I don´t know why I thought I´d come to this island and my hair would miraculously grow and get thick and beautiful and golden because everytime I run my hand through my hair at least 30 strands come out.  So now I´m just slowly and slowly growing bald and more and more confused with life.  really though, if i´m bald when you see me at the airport in one year just love me anyways and tell me i´m beautiful.  thanks.


hermana huish 

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