Monday, April 21, 2014


Querido Family,
i´m going to start off by apolagizing for my english and spelling because every day it gets worse and worse.  i´m at this point where i want to say something but I can´t even think of the english OR the spanish word. it´s a real bummer.  or other times i know the word in spanish but cannot think of what it is in english for the life of me.  sorry english.  

ok but....  the Flia ZIDA.  ok, so Zida is the mom.  she´s married but her husband works at the haitian border all week and only comes home sunday afternoon hasta monday afternoon.  yeah. But the boys are great!  Jesus has 11 years, Adrian 10, roister 8 and the two little ones and a whole slew of their friends are always listening too. BUT, you know how we gave them a book of mormon last week??  well, the mom and her kids read up to 1 Nefi chapter 2 two days later when we went to visit!!!  we were like SO astonished because this kind of thing NEVER happens. never ever....  so we read chapter 3 with them and explained about Nefi and his brothers trying to get the plates and they were so excited aboutit all and were like begging us to read chapter four with them but we had to go!  amazing.  
Well it gets better.... the boys came to the  rama activity we had on saturday!  and when we had a little spiritual message by hna. santana she asked about the four parts of the church and Jesus raised his hand and answered the four parts that we had taught him and hna smith and i were like YEAH.  proud moment.  
even better... when we came and taught them on sunday after church they had read up to 1 Nefi chapter 13 as a family!!!!!!!!  WOWOWOWOWOW.  this really never EVER happens.  EVER.  Justin bieber was right when he said Never Say Never, because these boys read 13 whole chapters in 6 days!  one point for justin.  
We talked about the tree of life and gave them a baptism fecha for dia 3 of May.  We´re still working on the mom because she always has a ¨diligencia¨ on sundays when we try to get her to church with her boys... 

Bueno, apart from this family we have contacted a TON in this campo called Helato.  It´s a 30 minute walk outside of main san juan into the fields and it´s a small town with about 200 people.  we contacted like crazy and have found some great hopefulls.  And God is watching out for us BIG time because we walked out to Helato two times this week and the first day Domingo and hna. Ana just happened to pass by RIGHT when we walked out of the field and they drove us back into San Juan!  the second day a gua gua passed by RIGHT when we walked out and we hopped in the back of the truck and were driven home for free!  so nice, right!  coincidence, i think not. 

So, another proud moment is when Brenda, Ada and Chantal told hna. Smith and I that we had to be at their house at 6 and punto on friday night.  so we came and they had set up this little table with popcorn and juice for us and they sang us these christian songs they had practiced and they had this whole little night planned for us!!  it was absolutely adorable and it´s a big bummer i can´t send videos.  but in 10 months you guys will see their performances and probably shed tears like i did Friday night.  the best part was they told us we couldn´t start until we open with a hymn and a prayer!!  like oh my gosh i just kept thinking how proud i was and i felt like such a proud mother.  then we asked why they planned this special thing for us and they said we have done so much for them and they wanted to have a night for us to thank us!!!  oh man.  my heart melted BIG TIME.  i love those girls so much. 

Well.... saturday night we had the rama activity and like a million kids showed up.  we had sack races and played bitilla (like baseball but with water jug caps and long sticks) and ran around inthe grass.  hna smith and i were so dirty and pooped after it all.  

that night i put coconut oil in my hair which was a BAD IDEA because i have shampooed it three times since and my hair still looks like an oily gross mess.   WOOPS!

well i hope all is well!!  happy april fools day tomorrow! and 8 months to me!  SO DANG WEIRD!

hermana huish 

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