Monday, April 21, 2014

La Conferencia

Querida Familia y amigos mios,
General Conference was super awesome.  Its so fun as a missionary because every talk I just have running through my head ¨oh man this is perfect for so and so¨ and ¨holy cow I can´t wait to share this with her¨ and ¨this guy totally could use this talk¨  My notebook is FILLED but i really just can´t wait for the actualy General Conference ensign to come out because that thing is golden.

What's a girl to do when she forgets to bring a hair tie??

Anyways, back track a couple of days... we had an awesome week!
We have been going out to this campo named Helato.  So... San Juan is considered ¨campo¨ in the mission because it´s Sur and way far away from the Capital.  Every area non-capital is campo.  BUT real campo is like little tiny houses in the middle of nowhere and all around them is land and crops and GREEN.  Campo is beautiful.  And hna. Smith and I have hit the campo JACKPOT because our area in San Juan is one of the only areas with legit campos.  We walk about 30 minutes or hop in the back of a gua guita to get there.  we love it, obviously.  And the people out there are so awesome!  the only problem is getting them to church will be a bit of an adventure...
so... we have two AMAZING girls out there names Erika and Lucy.  They are adorable and when we came to visit them again they had read their folletos and we´re waiting for us with chairs.  so great.  We talked about the restoration and they had so many awesome questions.  We´re praying really hard for these two and also praying that we find other solid people out there so we can get some kind of thing going for them to come to church. 
Well, the second time we walked out there this week we left Helato and started the walk back and it instantly started POURING rain out of nowhere.  we were like drenched within seconds.  We had nowhere to go because we were just walking on this long windy road and all around us was land and crops and nothing else. So we stood under this tree and were like deciding what to do when Domingo pulls up on his gua gua and yells for us to get in.   Like seriously?!  God is so GREAT at timing i don´t understand how he does it.  Domingo and hna. Ana were in the front so we hoped in the back and they drove to their land where they have this giant shed for rice and we all got in and helped them sweep the water out of the shed and read together and then Domingo showed us his rice sifter machine.  pretty legit stuff.
They drove us home and we ran to our next citas.  EVERYONE yelled at us all day ¨NO SE MOJAN¨ and we just laughed because people think rain is like some disease and they shut themselves inside and if they have to walk outside they put bags on their heads and run like it´s nobodys business.  But the two americans are just like ¨YEAH THIS ROCKS¨ and I just kept praying that it would still be raining when we got home so we could shampoo our hair in the rain. 

Hermana Ana watching the rain

Pero, General Conference was in the capilla in Mesopotamia which is a 25 minute walk mas o menos.  So it was hard getting a ton of people to show up from our area because they all complain about walking in the heat for that long.  On Saturday it was really just missionaries there and a few leaders.  The Elders brought my package (thanks mom.. i feel like i say this EVERY week.  hahaha i am very envied in San Juan) and inbetween sessions hna. smith and i sat up real close to the monitor, ate tres leches and watched all the great commercials and stuff.  We saw the awesome Gilbert Arizona temple dedication and presentation and i felt so proud.  and hna. Smith thought it was really weird that we have palm trees in Arizona.  She was super mind blown and couldn´t stop talking about it for like 10 minutes.  She thought they were only a tropical thing but i had to explain that it´s also a desert thing but our palm trees don´t have coconut.  Which made her even more mind blown ¨like, why do you even have them if you don´t have coconut??¨  But really though, why don´t our palm trees have coconut? it´s such a bummer.  Hna. Smith has taught me to LOVE coconut.  It´s like our favorite snack (and sometimes meal) we each buy a coconut at Mercado at the beginning of each week and then smash them open and then drink the water and eat the coconut like it´s candy.  it´s SO good.  idk why the US thinks shredded coconut with a gallon of sugar is any good because it´s so nothing compared to the real deal. 
ok anyways, back to conference.  After the second session we went out to this new mexican cafe with our district and ate GINORMOUS burritos and that was fun. 
on Sunday Daisy and the whole slew (karina, ada, brenda and chantal) came to conference and Eduardo and Kelvin.  Inbetween we went to Daisy´s house and watched her kill and de-feather a chicken.  It was actually very disgusting and i wanted to throw up. 
But conference was amazing.  I loved how a lot of the talks were focused on the youth of the church. I really liked Linda S. Reeves and Niel A. Anderson.  His whole tree and root thing and the little clip on that was pretty cool.  Ialso really LOVED Uchtdorf´s talk on gratitude.  I also really liked that I could understand A TON better than the first general conference out here.  man that was rough.  Also, Richard G. Scott´s talk in spanish was his realy voice i´m pretty sure.  does he know spanish?  because it was like HIS actualy voice.  cool.  He also never fails to talk about Ginene which is way adorable.  So, yeah, conference in spanish was good!  But let´s be real, it´s WAY better in english when you can here their actual voices and stuff. 
So.. I LOVEmy companion and we got transfer calls last night and we are staying together for at least another 6 weeks.  yeah we´re stoked.  Hermana Ortiz is leaving thoug, and we´re so sad!!! 
well, i love you all and hope the conference was good over there!
con mucho cariño,
hermana huish

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