Monday, April 21, 2014

Great Week in Helato

This country is so beautiful right??!?!  it blows my mind.  you will read about Helato and i´ll send a few pictures
but holy cow i love it!!  gorgeous! 

i´m LOVING the mission.  helato is crazy cool and makes the work so fun and adventurous and every day we are
like skipping to the lessons and just so giddy to get out and work.  usually we work for an hour in the morning and
we leave at 2 until 8.  But we have been leaving around 1 to get more work in and not waste any time traveling to helato or anything.
it´s just super great!  yeah, there are still hard days, but there are always blessings and miracles from every day!

one thing i did is make journals for brenda, ada, and chantal so they can write about church stuff and gratitude.
ever since uchtdorfs talk i have been thinking a lot about gratitude.  it´s so important.  also there were a ton of talks on obedience
and i really like what you wrote about in your email!  it´s always better to be strictly obedient and i can always be better at that
so thanks for that!

well... tell me how everyone is at home?  all of my newly wed friends?  or almost?  have you seen mel lately??
how is karen gulbrandsen? 

well, i love you so much!  my friend, elder garner has family friends in your spanish branch at home!  he is from Mesa too
and was in my zone in san Juan but he just left!  crazy small mormon world huh?!

love you

querido familia y amigos mios...

I don´t have much to talk about this week other than Helato our campo. Hna. Smith and I call it our land because we feel like it´s ours and we love it and it´s like some beautiful place in a movie that never really exists but it does.  Also, we are the first missionaries to EVER go there ever.  So we feel like we have the right to call it ours.  Only a few people who live there have heard of the church and that´s because they used to live in San Juan or the capital or something.  But we LOVE it because it´s filled with people who are willing and excited to hear the gospel. 

So we have three solid people there so far and a BUNCH of others who we are starting with. 
first is Erika and Lucy.  Erika has 20 years and Lucy 14.  They are neighbors and the cutest girls EVER.  They read the restoration folleto (pamphlet) and when we came back they had all these great questions and we explained more and talked about it all and they were super stoked aboutit and when we asked them to pray about it they were like of course we will! 
We came back thursday and Erika was at the University so we talked with Lucy who told us she has always been looking for her church.  Her mom is super catolica and a lot of her firends are evangelicas but she doesn´t feel like they are right for her.  So we talked more about prayer and the Holy Ghost and how to receive answers to prayers and she was so sincere about it and told us she has been praying but not listening and she told us she´s excited to find out the truth for herself!  yeah super cool.  God has definitely been preparing her. 
to make it better she took us on a 10 minute tour around the HUGE land in her backyard where her dad and the neighbors work.  IT´s gorgeous.  we walked through the rice fields.  We through rocks at mango trees to make the green mangos fall and catch them.  We walked through a river to clean the mangos and climed a tree to get guayabas.   jealous?
So Lucy sent us home with 8 mangos and 10 guyabas and we started walking home to hurry and teach eduardo and we hitch hiked and jumped in the back of a gua gua and it was FILLED with dirt... haha so we looked like orphans by the time we got back to San Juan..  Luckily Eduardo lives right by our house so we rinced ourselves off with a hose and taught him.  (p.s. mom we hitch hike every day... it´s just how we get around. so don´t stress out about it!)

Well, the other solid gal out in Helato is Rosanna.  We taught the restoration as well and we could just see her eyes light up and her sit up in her seat.  When we came back she asked if she could have a book of mormon.  She also told her friends how we pray and why we pray like that. (she found out because she actually read the folleto)  we were so happy and explained the book of mormon more.  She told us she wants to come to church and if she can she will walk the 45 minutes to church if she can get her boys to stay with someone else!  Her grandma got hit by a motercycle sunday morning so she couldn´t come but we are very very hopefully with her! 

Helato is GREAT BUT it´s so far away from church.  So we are working with president to get a guaguita out there sunday mornings to pick her and the others up.. Maybe one day they can build a church out there... who knows!  but there are so many people to find and teach and we are contacting and searching out there like crazy. 

Well, other than that we have run around san juan working with members, we got flashed by an 80 year old lady who pulled down her pants to show us a giant bruise on her upper thigh, we have stood in a circle with a group of 7 evangelicas held hands and prayed with them, and found out the best way to crack open a coconut is by droping it from our balcony, and i got to talk to hernama rush on the phone on her bday!

pero, love you all!  hope your weeks have been wonderful! 

les amo,
hermana huish

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