Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dime Mi Amor

what a week!
so, last monday for noche de hogar we taught Brenda la palabra de sabiduria.... ha  so daisy her aunt and her mom karina had different ideas about what i actually meant and went off for about 20 minutes explaining stuff about having wisdom and learning and finally when hermana caguimbal and I got to speak we explained that it´s actually about what we should not put into our bodies.  and THEN diasy says ¨oh yeah, like no wine, and drugs, and no green fruits¨  great.  we laughed and thought it was a joke because some dominicans love green fruits and some hate them (there´s no inbetween here) and then she was like serious!  So we had to explain that green fruits are OK.
us 4 hermanas watched doctrine and covenants videos and ate popcorn and happy hippos! thanks mom.
at 10:30, as i was getting in bed, elder manubay called to give me the honor of giving the message for our zone meeting the next morning.  yay   so I stayed up a little late preparing for that.  I make the zone leaders cookies and this is how they repay me?! 
So yeah, tuesday morning we had zone meeting in messopotamia.  I gave the message on power and authority and we talked about goals and health and working with members and all the usual zone meeting stuff.  then elder chinchilla bore his last zone leader testimony and cried and everyone was so quiet because chinchilla is like a legend in this mission. (he was an assistent for over a year and the zone leader in san juan for 3 transfers i think?)
On wednesday we went to teach brenda the last lesson on the sabath day and chastity and thankfully her mom was showering and her little sister was playing on the street so we were able to really teach her and not have a million voices and distractions!  Brenda is really super smart and so sweet and told us about her older sister playing bad music and her having a really bad feeling and telling her to turn it off.  aww.
We taught hna. mary and llafreisi her neice who are so cute.  Hna. Mary is like my favorite in the rama.  she´s so humble and tranquilo.  She is always asking us questions to know more and just got called to be the young womens president and she´s so freaking out because she has no idea what to do.  we´re repasing all the lessons with her neice llafreisi and with her too and we are helping her with her lesson plans and calling a lot.
thursday got woken up to the incredibly annoying colmado on wheels.  these little trucks stuffed with fruits and veggies with giant speakers on the top.  ¨HAY YUCA HAY YUCA HAY PLATANO HAY GUANDULE HAY YUCA HAY PIÑA
!CRISTO VINE! HAY CEBOLLA HAY YUCA !ARREPENTIRSE!¨  and it´s so dang loud and never seems to stop.  especially when we´re trying to teach and one of these trucks drives by REALLY slowly.  it´s funny though because they throw in preachy words like REPENT and it´s super great.  we always want to contact on one of those and get like 700 people in a 10 minute span.
We taught Marilyn who is reading her book of mormon and is starting her marraige papers!!!!!!  we´re so so stoked!!!!!!!
Brenda´s introvista was thursday and she was so happy when she walked out of the office and elder moreno gave a big thumbs up.  she danced all over the church and told her mom that she can officially wear her new dress for the baptism. 
Friday morning I made strawberry pancakes (with jello mix... strawberries are a very rare and EXPENSIVE thing here) in the shape of hearts and we ate and then went to the capilla to clean.  Brenda and chantel, her younger, hilarious sister, came and helped us too.  Both of them act like 40 year old typical dominican women, instead of 7 and 9.  I was cleaning the font and yelled for brenda to bring soap and she responds ¨DIME MI AMOR¨  hahahaha oh brenda.
hermano manolo went out with us all day to find menos activos.  it was SO nice of him and we found a ton of people on the rama list that no one even knew about. 
Saturday was the baptism!!  the other hermanas had a baptism too, and an 8 year old boy in the rama.  So many people showed up and the service was really great!  Marilyn even came with her two kids!  and afterward and asked if we could come to her house so she could show us how to make habituelas dulce! 
Sunday wasn´t quite as stressfull as last, except I had no time to practice the hymns so i just winged it and hoped for the best....  dad why didn´t i practice more?!?! WHY?
This area is super great... but the rama doesn´t want to do a whole lot.  Us hermana´s have to do so much here, and it´s super hard sometimes.  We talked as a house about how we can work on strengthening this area, and especially these members.  This are is really prideful and a lot of people don´t want to do anything if they don´t have a high position calling.  Also, they NEVER want to have activities to strengthen the rama because there is ¨no money¨¨and we´re trying to think of creative ways to have good activities with no money to show them that we don´t need money and nice callings so be firm and happy and work together.  it´s difficult.  But it´s a learning experience! 
Today we woke up and cleaned and cleaned and then walked to the zone leader´s capilla and had a zone activity and played games and soccer.  It was so fun today because the whole zone was here so we had legit teams and it got so intense and we played for a good two hours.  Sometimes it´s scary playing with a million aggressive elders but it was so worth it, just running around for forever. 
but yeah, that was the week! 
thanks for everything!!
les amo!
hermana huish

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