Tuesday, April 22, 2014

La Semana Santa

 hope you all had a wonderful Semana Santa!  Over here semana Santa was a little rough because it´s another one of those excuses to party hard AND everyone in San Juan has these giant blow up pools infront of their houses and they are so tempting and hermana Smith and I just have to talk eachother out of not accidentally tripping into them everytime we pass one.  It´s definately a hard trial we are facing here in San Juan.  The good news is nobody in Helato has them because they are a little on the expensive side.  So we just walk out to Helato and all is well!  The people love us there now and give us their mangos and golden apples and these fried yuca things for free. 
Just informed us that she cut all her hair off due to sweaty, hot, sticky necks!
Did she really do it????? Dang cute if she did, but OH all that gorgeous hair. I sure hope they have
"Locks for Love" in the  DR!!

First of all I need to make a corrction.... Helato is actually El Hato.  hahaha stupid gringo mistake.  When hermana Smith and I found out we were super embarassed.  But Helato I like so much better.  El Hato is a group of pigs.... helato is like really similar to helado which is ice cream.  So i think you´d agree with me that our version of the name is way cuter.  but whatever.   Soon it will be named the land of hermana smith and huish so there won´t be any confusions. 
So if you guys are wondering how things are going out there.... ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.  seriously.  i´m giddy just thinking about it all.  So, hermana smith and I went out there tuesday and friday.  Tuesday we taught Lucy and Erika about the book of Mormon.  We used the introduction to explain things and I really like going through the pictures and explaining a little bit about the book to get them interested and excited about it.  It´s something Elder Quiroga taught hna. Rush and I in sabana Yegua way back and I have loved it ever since.  Well anyways, Lucy and Erika were practically begging us for books of their own by the end.  We taught them the special promise that this book has and talked about prayer and invited them to pray and they were really super excited about it all.  These girls.  I love them so much.   We also had this lesson in their giant field by the side of a river. like how awesome is my life right now?!   We did the exact same lesson and everything with Rosanna.  She has equally as excited and in her prayer asked that she could have a book of her own too. 
So on friday when we returned we taught all three of them lesson 3, about the gospel of chirst.  Faith, repentence, baptism, yadayada.... Rosanna straight up told us baptism is what she wants.  We were so excited and then we gave her her bom at the end and she was almost in tears.  AHHH.  so with Lucy and Erika they were super receptive and told us that they want more time to know if it´s right, but if they do end up feeling like it is true they will be baptised.  when we gave them their bom´s Lucy like flipped and grabbed it and said ¨i can´t wait to find out everything that is inside!¨ 
So on Sunday we begged hermano Domingo to take his guagua and go pick up the El Hato crew with us.  He agreed when we promised cookies and we prayed really hard that atleast one of them would be ready or remember about church. 
Well we got there and knocked on the three doors.  When Rosanna didn´t answer her door we went to get Lucy and Erika.  The two of them were totally ready with their book of mormon´s in hand and three other kids from the neighborhood!  One girl is 8 which rocks and two were 7.  Not complaining though!  Then when we came out to get them all in the guagua Rosanna was there! and dressed SO nice and was with her 20 year old daughter from the capital and her son!!!  HOLY COW!  so we brought 8 people from El Hato to church and when we pulled up president was so impressed and we were like so so happy. 
and church was great.  people were so nice and friendly and open to them and we were so relieved.  Us hermana´s gave talks too so we didn´t even have to worry about crazy people going on and on about the time they made sancocho or something.  good good day. 
Well for the second week in a row i have spent all my time talking about El hato... but other great things that hapened this week.... we found a young womens medallion journal on the side of the road on the way to El Hato in the middle of NOWHWHERE.  crazy.  it had a million scribbles in it in unreadable dominican handwriting but it´s way cool. We picked up about 13 green mangos that had fallen from the trees on the way home from El Hato and were given like another 7 from people and made a ginormous mango salad on sunday and it was so yummy.  We downloaded 17 miracles from president´s computer onto my flashdrive and watched it and all cried toegther last night.  I forgot how amazing that movie is... and how unamazing I am because i could have NEVER done what they did.  We were hitch hiking to El Hato on friday because we were so tired and didn´t want to walk and this SUPER FANCY honda pulled over and we jumped in and wow i felt so weird. 
love you so much!
hermana huish

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