Monday, April 21, 2014

5 Pesos

Querido Familia,
It´s been a great week working with a TON OF MEMBERS.  seriously.  a ton.  It´s super great.  We have been inviting all of them to read their scriptures this week and next week we are going to focus on tithing.  We also give them cookies when they follow up on their reading assignments and stuff, and who doesn´t like galletas de avena?  no one.  So almost everything has been reading their stuff so far.  Maybe the Zone leaders know there is a storm coming and half of this project is to fatten up the members in preparation.  idk. if so, it´s working. 
One member named Freddy danced for us at the end of our visit.  I took a video and will try to send it.  It´s pretty much the funniest thing ever.  Since you guys don´t acyually know Freddy it might not be that funny, but in reality it is funny. 
Also, one morning we were visiting Wilson.  I knocked on his giant blue tin door and it just fell backward on the floor....  I was SO mortified and embarrassed.  Luckily wilson´s house isn´t really a house but dirt floor with wood sticks and tin as a roof... so it wasn´t like a giant deal but still... he laughed and just shoved the door back in place and said it was bound to happen...  he was probably being nice though.   ahhh why?!  it´s all good though because we broguht him cookies.  And then I gave him the mini bananas I had shamelessly shoved in my bag from Flia Mesa.   So we´re even i guess.  And I actually gave him the crackers Brenda gave me during sacrament meeting yesterday too.  So yeah, we are even. 
I have been giving hermana ortiz and Santana english class at nights.  It´s super funny.  We really just read through their english workbooks the mission gave them.  hermana Santana knows enlgish like perfectly but won´t speak it.  but when she does I die because her accent is AMAZING.  Hermana Santana and I then work really hard to help explain english pronunciations to hermana ortiz.  enlgish is THE WORST.  rules aren´t really rules.  english pronunciation is just a big guessing game.  whoever made up english was either drunk or just really mean.  
Anyways.... we were trying to help her say the word REST. but she kept saying it like RETZ.  So we told her to say ¨yo quiero carne reys tambien...¨ over and over. ¨you quiero carne REYS Tambien.¨ REYS Tambien¨ ¨REYS Tam¨ ¨REYS Ta¨ REYS T¨ REYST¨ REST¨  but once she finally got to reyst she started saying retz again.  haha we did that for like ten minutes straight and she finally got it and we all screamed and were so thrilled.  haha the things that make us happy. 
We also have to write things differently to help her out like ¨ay layk to reed¨ 
We went to Mercado this morning and The Mercado is the best thing in San Juan.  Its like this giant market with fruits and veggies and pacas with clothes and shoes and everything.  We bought piña and chinola and lots papas and peppers and then we fished through the giant piles of clothes.  There was a big pile of stuff for 5 pesos each.  FIVE PESOS.  And we actually found a ton on nice stuff there.  I found 5 really pretty blouses, and one awesome shirt with noah´s arc and animals and a skirt AND a jean dress.  And just to explain... five pesos is nothing.  I can buy an egg for 7 pesos.  And I bought a dress for 5.  five pesos is like 9 cents.  yeah. nine baby cents.  you can´t even buy a piece of gum in the states for nine cents. BEAT THAT ANTHROPOLOGIE.
so i´m pretty happy with myself and my Mercado purchases. 
Well... we are going to the temple in a week and a half as a zone and i´m stoked!  We also have a zone conference with Azua and Barahona too this week!  I love when we have stuff going on and we can actually see other missionaries.  Except It´s still sad because most of my friends are all serving in the capital and they always have a seperate conference!  So out here in the campo we still see like no one but that´s ok.  one day! 
well my mind is blank and i´m kinda hungry so that´s all I´ve got for this week.  love you all!
hermana huish

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