Monday, April 21, 2014


Querido familia,
first off.... FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS MAMASITA!!!!  what are you like 30 something? 
I have this family picture in my Libro De Mormon that I carry in my hand 24-7  and everyone points to Mom and asks if that´s my older sister.  NOPE that´s my hot mom you guys.  no one believes me. 

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what´s next?  I AM SO HOT RIGHT NOW.  like literally burning.  We just had a zone activity because our whole zone is here to sleep over at the elder´s san juan house because we are going to the temple tomorrow!!  YAY!  BUT since san juan is like the very farthest away from the capital we have to wake up at 4 to get picked up at five and trip it up to the capital in a nice gua gua!  woot woot.  I´m actually going to push it and wake up at 4:40 because i like my sleep.
ok but wait I got off topic... the reason i´m sweating like no other.... zone activity... ok so we had a barbeque and played soccer and basketball and other things in the blazing HEAT.  This morning was awesome and cloudy, like perfect weather, but then it just got HOT. i´m kinda really sad it is starting to get so hot again.  i guess it means i will finally get more tan, but still... i´m dreading getting sent up to the capital this next transfer where it´s even more hot. pray for me you guys.

We are still working hard with the members.  it´s hard because we don´t have a ton of investogators right now.. but we are working hard with members and hopefully it will bring us a lot of references!! We have two families we have reactivated in the past month which is super exciting!  Hopefully san juan just keeps getting stronger and stronger! 

On Tuesday we had a tri zone meeting in AZUA!!  pero, we got on the gua gua at 7 and they took us up to the great city of Azua.  When we passed Sabana Yegua elder Quiroga and I looked at eachother and I almost cried.  I also almost jumped out the window to find Gabriel.  Hermana Rodriguez talked for a LONG time about health and drinking water and not falling inlove on the mission and great stuff like that.  then president talked a bit and then he chose two people from the audience to talk on fe. (faith)  we were told the night before that we all had to prepare a short talk beforehand. ¨hermana huish y elder sanchez¨ GREAT. So i had three seconds to grab my scriptures and get myself up there.  I was nervous, but somehow when I start talking in spanish the nerves go away.  It´s scarier talking infront of a lot of people in english now.  So i´m warning everyone now to not be home for my homecoming talk.  you have a year to plan your schedules and NOT be in town.  
Then we watched this cool movie about John Roe Moyle, or john moe royle?  i don´t know, but it was good.  because he put it into a missionary perspective and talked about working your hardest every day.  This guy had to walk like 20 kilometers to his church calling every week to work on the SLC temple for 20 years of his life.  he even did half of it with a wooden leg.  pretty crazy stuff.
It was a really great conference and president Rodriguez is SO great and I´m so sad that they're leaving in 5 months ish.  BUT the new mission presidents are american from California and seem so dang sweet.
OK COOL NEWS... my comp has a bunch of music from the office elders on her flash drive... and for the past couple of days we have listened to some cool piano guys stuff and ENYA!  i´m super stoked!  Mom, the orinoco flow always reminds me of you for some reason. did you even listen to that?  idk but i know it was on my ipod and i jammed to enya in the car sometimes on my way to church activities in LA.  Enya rocks.  LA also rocks.  There is a new elder in my district from LA and we talk about the Grove and Diddy Riece and Fat burger.  Good stuff. 
We´ve found some great new families while contacting this week!  But one of them, we found out, only wants us in their house because they want to tell their friends they are friends with two white blonde girls.  bummer. 
On Saturday we helped familia Soler in their Panadaria!  it was SO MUCH FUN.  We helped them throw all the bread on this huge table and bag it all.  And it started pouring while we were there which was awesome because their panadaria is really this giant tin shed.  So the rain was like super loud and we had to scream to talk to eachother and we were just making and bagging bread for forever.  My companion and I were like ¨this is so fun!  this is the best job ever!¨ and they all laughed at us. 
This girl named Ada showed up to church this week and we didn´t even know who she was.  Brenda came up to us and told us she is her cousin!  Ada then pulled us aside and said she wants to be a mormona like us and be a missionary one day and get baptized and come to church every sunday like Brenda.  ALRIGHT!  so we´re now teaching Ada who is sweet and the first lesson we had with her she had brought Brenda´s book of mormon and flipped it open and asked us ¨ok, where do we start¨ cutest thing ever. 
well... everything is going well with the members.  they´re reading their scriptures a lot more and we can see a slow but sure change in them.  it´s great!
hermana huish

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