Monday, April 21, 2014

Campo vs Capital

querido familia!

hola hola!

this week was crazy long, but crazy amazing.  here it goes..

tuesday morning we woke up at 3:30 to go to the capital to go to the temple!  We had to get up that early because over here in San Juan is the very very farthest away you can get from the capital.  It´s a 5 hour gua gua ride.  ahhh the campo life. 

anyways... we all sprawled out and slept until we picked up the zone of azue at 6 and then my comp and i sat next to eachother and tried to sit in a million different positions so our bums wouldn´t hurt so bad.  

at 8:30 we got to the capital!!  holy cow it is SO DIFFERENT.  sky risers everywhere.  cars everywhere.  legit stores everywhere.  burger king, mcDonalds, Taco Bell, a lot of great fast food places that I never imagined would think were so great until i got stuck out in the campo for 8 months! (but the campo is legit and i wouldn´t trade it for the capital for anything!)
So we got out of the gua gua and all were given conference bread and juice boxes from the assistents and then we went and did a temple sesh.  IT WAS SO AWESOME.  I forgot how much i love the temple.  after 6 ish months of not going through it was really the best feeling ever.  
the temple is the house of the lord you guys. it really is.

After the session, we all chilled in the temple grounds and took pictures and then all wanted to sleep and eat some food.  so we walked to WENDY´S and ate some good old american food.  holy cow it was GREAT.  I was so stoked that i wasn´t really paying attention when I ordered and I was served a GIANT grape soda and french fries with my nuggets and frosty.  hna. ortiz told me that the lady had asked if i wanted to make it a meal and apparently i said ¨si¨ and then she asked if I wanted a large coke and fries and apparently i said ¨si¨  haha wooops!  so i gave my soda and fries to the elders who were eating like animals.  
after wendy´s we were all so full but all so happy about it.  

and that was my great day in LA CAPITAL.

then we took a five hour gua gua ride BACK to the good old campo.  

on the ride home I was talking to elder Manubay about my hair falling out catastrophy.  It was super great because like elder manubay talks really loud and after 5 seconds 10 other elders were in the conversation about me going bald.  they were all asking me questions like if i have bald spots or major stress or other weird things happening to my body.  yeah, so much fun.  then I told elder manubay that i had just recieved a package with nice vitamins in it to hopefully help my hair.  he asked to see it.... then all of the 10 elders asked to see it.  they were all talking about how maybe it´s bad to take vitamins with 500% of stuff in them and then elder Perez blurts out ¨these are for pregnant women¨  hahahaha GREAT.  yeah so I had to explain to all of them that i´m taking prenatals because well... i´m pregnant.  haha but no i just told them that they´re like the best multi vitamin and then i took my pills back so noone else could read the label and pretended to fall asleep. and that was my amazing gua gua ride home! 

When we finally got home we were all so pooped and we slept REALLY good that night.

Ok on Wednesday we had a lot of great lessons... but the greatest by far was with Zida and her boys.  her boys are really awesome and come to church a lot.  We had talked about the restoration the time before and were explaining the book of mormon.  I explained it with all the pictures in the BOM and all the boys were like SO into it and so captivated and it was really the coolest thing ever.  After my companion and i spoke and testified we asked if they had questions and Jesus (my favorite of the three) raised his hand and asked with such sincerity ¨ so, where can I find one of those books to read?¨  i almost burst into tears it was the most amazing, most adorable thing i have seen.  Hna. Smith and I just grinned ear to ear and told them that we would come back tomorrow and bring them a copy of their own.  he was SO STOKED.  
Well the next day we came and brought him his book and he said thank you probably 17 times and sat down and stared at his book like it was the christmas present he had always wanted.  
I thought a lot about that after.  Like, i should be that excited and grateful about the book of mormon everytime i see it and read it.  it´s such an incredible book and gift I have and do I even realize it??  

We had two giant service projects this week of picking up trash in the more central part of San Juan.  It was great because a lot of our members actually came to help and a TON of people saw us and were asking us questions and stuff.  And because we were in the heat for a good three hours each day I got a nice tan on my neck.  

Flia Mesa took hna smith and I to their campo today!!  holy cow is it beautiful!!!  we were both in heaven and walked for an hour around their huge tierra.  they have a GINORMOUS rice field and so many coconut trees and mango trees and corn fields and it was so beautiful and so fun because we were like walking through their fields and in deep water and stuff.  i´ll send lots of pictures because i have literally a million.  

anyways... that was the week!   

it was super fun going to the capital... but i´m seriously so happy i have served all of my mission so far in the campo. much better.  much much better.  

les quiero mucho

hermana huish 

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