Thursday, August 29, 2013


AY MI MADRE!  what a week!  first off, VARSITY?!?!  Holy cannoli girl.  I can't even believe how stinkin' fast and amazing you are at running.  Isabel, you are one incredible runner and that needed to be said first and foremost.  Second, Emma I miss seeing you dance every day.  As you might know, missionaries aren't really allowed to dance, but I still lay in bed every night and think about how awesome of a dancer my sister is and if I were half the dancer she is then I'd probably brake some rules and whip out some dance moves in the shower.  truly.  Third matter of business.... my family ROCKS.  obviously.  My family rocks for millions of reasons but let me just tell you that every single missionary at the CCM now knows that my family rocks also....
So, Hermana Fletcher and I were walking on Monday night to our TRC lesson and Hermana Rasmussen yelled down the hall "Hermana Huish, there's a package for you!"  So I immediately ran to the office where they keep packages and found a ginormous (how in the world is that spelt??) shoe box covered in multicolored newspaper.  Annika and Michael Christensen... you guys are awesome and I felt honored that you spent over 50 bucks to send me a package.  We ripped that baby open and found the cutest and most wonderful assortment of treats and stuff. 
 We were worried that we'd be late for our lesson so we walked back into the office to get to our TRC couple and out of the corner of my eye I saw my name on another little package.  I kind of screamed (i actually really screamed) and grabbed the package and then RIGHT behind that package was ANOTHER package with my name on it.  Wow I felt cool.  Then elder Porter was sorting through letters and gave me one with my name on it.  THEN he gave me two more.  THEN another elder gave me another package that had my name on it.  I seriously was grinning ear to ear and trying REALLY hard not to boast in all my glory.  K, then Edler porter was holding this ridiculously cute envelope and I pulled it down to see who the lucky missionary was with the adorable envelope and lo and behold.... it said HERMANA HUISH. 
 K, seriously guys, I have never felt so awesome in my entire life.  Everyone was jealous (well, how could they NOT be??) and I felt like the coolest hermana in the history if the CCM.  that is why my family rocks.  (also, I don't have time to go into detail about all the things in the letters and the packages but I LOVE everything.  thanks mom for the amazing camera that I cannot leave alone because I'm so obsessed with it.  thanks also for the CUTEST SHIRT IN THE WORLD.  man, i love you.  Thanks for the sweet rings that i also am obsessed with. thanks for really everything.  and a special thanks for the minion.)
K, Tuesday morning at 4:30 I was having the worst dream ever that President Freestone had gotten all the Hermanas together and told us that we had to watch out once we got to the field because hermanas were getting kidnapped right and left.  well, naturally, we were all terrified and in my dream we all went to bed.  then in real life at 4;30 in the morning we heard a bloody murder scream from the next room.  I woke up and was SO SCARED that my stomach dropped and I literally felt like I was going to throw up.  Everyone just stared at eachother from their beds and I finally ran out of my bed and opened the next door to see what in the world was happening.  Turns out, Hermana Francis has night terrors.  And she also has increadible lungs.
Last friday we went to the university to contact!!!  It was a day that will forever be one of my favorites as a missionary.  We had folletos on the restoration and one book of mormon and we were each told to go seperate ways and meet back in 2 hours.  Well we tried to speak spanish to a lot of people... but you have to remember, my spanish is VERY limited. Many people just smiled and thanked us, some people said "i don't speak english" jerks, some people just waved us off.  Well I saw this one guy from a ways away and just walked right towards him and knew we should talk to him.  He stood up from his seat and started asking all sorts of questions about the folleto and the church!  Luckily he knew enough english to where we could tell him some extra things we couldn't say in spanish. Hermana Fletcher pulled out the book of mormon, I told him if he read it he could KNOW that it is true, and he seemed super stoked to read it!  We were so excited that we couldn't stop smiling afterwards.  We were on cloud 9. 
The adorable french first councelor Elder Cuenot and his wife left this week.  I cried.  She is my favorite.  They went home to paris after being here for two years!  They also sang a song to us during sacrament meeting and they sang in french.  The way they harmonize and speed up and slow down together is ridiculously cute.  I hope I can be that cute one day with my husband.  
We also said goodbye to about 25 missionaries who were leaving to Puerto Rico or Santo Domingo or Santiago.  It was super sad but really exciting too.  Today we actually just got 40 more missionaries from the states and parts of mexico and the DR!  There are a total of 83 missionaries here which is the largest number this CCM has ever seen.  It's super exciting.  It's also super cool to be like the old ones here now and seeing all the newbies scared and tired faces.
On tuesday we had the best devotional i have ever heard in my life by elder Bednar (and no, not in person.  sorry for the confusion.  The devotionals are cd's from past devotionals at the provo MTC... those lucky dogs)  It was on the Character of Christ.  It was an hour and twenty minutes long but I wish it would have been three hours longer.  He talked about the way to build more faith and be more converted unto the lord is NOT to seek for that.  You will be truly converted once you forget yourself and serve those around you.  It was a beautiful message and exactly what I needed to hear. 
My district moved into a smaller room to let the new missionaries get our big room (i think we totally got shafted because the AP's are in my district and they always get the bad deals...) but it's totally ok, because although our new room is the size of a toothpick, we actually study a lot better and the view from the window is better. 
Yesterday I was laying on my bed during gym time and elder hansen barged into the room and said "Hermana Huish, Hermana Rush is here!"  AHHHH!  I ran out of that room so dang fast and down the stairs and gave her a big fat hug.  It was amazing to see a familar face!  She is so adorable and I cannot wait to see her out in the field.  Hopefully as companions one day!!!
The hermanas in my room do this thing where we always try to scare eachother.  We hide in closets, behind doors, under counters.  Sometimes we even hide somewhere for 20 minutes just to get a good scare.  Hahaha, the little things that make missionaries happy.  It gets super intense too.  We love it!
Well, I love you all so much!  I was sitting in the temple today just so happy that I have been raised by two INCREDIBLE parents and have the best sisters any girl could ask for.  I live THE LIFE.  I really do. I'm so blessed.  I love you, I miss you, and I can't wait to hear from you! 

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