Thursday, August 22, 2013

Week 3

It's been an awesome week!  Literally three hours after I emailed last week everyone started coming down with this GI thing.  It's some illness to do with your colon.  Super fun.  The doctor (who is an ULTRA drama queen) was telling everyone that we would have to lock down the CCM and keep everyone in their rooms while they throw up and get everything out of their systems for four days.  As you can imagine, it scared us half to death.  Hermana Fletcher and I had to go to the doctors the next day to get her some sinus infection medicine and the doctor kept telling us horror stories about daygay (i know i didn't spell that right..) fever and dying.  He's really sweet.  Hermana Flecther just started feeling better this week and it's really awesome!  I love her so much and I'm so grateful we're together.
Elder Cornia started writing this journal called 'the book of conria' and it's all in scriptural language and I cried when he read it.  It was the funniest thing.  I'll have to copy it and send it to you guys somehow.  I also really want him to marry Mel Peters because they would be a serious hoot.  (Mel, if you're reading this, I need your email address) 
There is this little girl who lives in the same hallway and my district's classroom and everytime I see her she stops me and stares up at me and pulls my hair and yells "rubio, rubio!"  it really melts my heart.  So, I tried to learn how to say 'braids' in espanol so I could tell her I liked her braids.  There were also a bunch of cute kids at dinner the other day and they all ran over to us and hugged us and it was SO sweet. 
A couple days at breakfast the cook, Alex, made this banana bread cake stuff and it was BOMB.  seriously the best thing I've eaten in a while.  Probably because it wasn't rice.  Also, it was one of the teachers birthdays yesterday and they gave us all cake with oreos (i'm telling you, people here are obsessed with oreos) and it was killer.
I absolutely LOVE sundays here.  We heard from President Freestone about his life story and it was incredible.  His dad left when he was 7 and his mom was such an incredibly hard worker and so positive.  She refused to date, and especially date someone out of the church, but after several years of being pushed to go on a date with this certain guy she finally agreed.  She said she had a wonderful date but he wasn't a member so she couldn't keep dating him.  He came by the next day to give her a watch for fathers day and said "this is because you have not only been an amazing mother, but an amzing father to your two children for the past 12 years.  He said he wanted to know more about her and her church and after three years they were married in the temple, and after 6 years he became bishop and they have served three missions together.  So sweet. 
On Sunday our district was huddled around the window watching the rain.  It went from light sprinkles to a pour in about 7 seconds and then it started to get stormy.  I LOVE the weather here.  All of a sudden we saw a flash of white like right infront of our window and then a hige BOOM.  It was so loud and we heard the lightening crack on the ground.  It was one of the coolest things ever.  Seriously.  Then, we saw the back up power generator start to smoke.  
We heard a devotional by Elder Ballard Sunday night and it was filmed at the Provo MTC in spring of 2012.  The musical number at the devotional was the one... the only... David Archuleta!  I mean, Elder Archuleta.  All the hermanas were going crazy and all the boys made fun of him (obviously because they were jealous). 
On Tuesday we had a devotional by elder Richard G. Scott and it was AMAZING.  I LOVE him.  It was all about faith.  He also said probably five times that if we have faith we WILL learn a new language.  He also talked about ginine and started crying and said he felt her presence in the room with him.  WOW.
I'm super glad you guys had a good time in Park City with Gramma!  And I'm also CRAZY CRAZY impressed with Izze.  HOLY CATS girl you're incredible.  Dad told me all about your fast mile paces and i'm so proud of you and your effort.  You are going to do amazing things, girl.  I'm glad you are having fun in Junior High , Emma!  And I hope ballet is going well too.  I'm sure it is.. because you're pro at everything dance.  
Two Sundays ago my district sang in sacrament meeting!  It was fun. 
I feel like my brain is going to explode lately.  SO much spanish and PMG and doctrinal classes.  I'm trying so hard to remember everything but it's so dang difficult sometimes.  I also heard that after only two transfers we are going to be trainers out in the field.  yeah.  I was freaking out.  I just hope I can speak spanish by then.... 
Thanks for sending pictures! I love them!  Also, if you send anything else you should send it to the MTC address.  But once I get out in the field the address you have been using is fine.  I can just wait three weeks to get the stuff you have sent!  I love you all and want to hear how you are all doing!  Every time we go to the temple I pray and pray for Christina and Julie and their kids. I love them and I hope their kids are doing well.  I hope YOU guys are doing well too.  I love you and miss you and can't wait to hear from you soon. 
Mom, I haven't eaten chinula yet, but i'll ask hermano Nuñes about it. 

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