Friday, August 16, 2013


What a week!  
Olivia with her companion Hermana Fletcher!!

K, it has been raining like crazy over the past week.  Like, it will be so sunny and hot and all of a sudden it will just POUR.  I love it more than anything.  It gets super sticky though, but it's still the best. 
My district is AWESOME.  I seriously laugh out loud all day long because of elder cornia.  He is the biggest goof ball and on top of that he laughs at all his own jokes and terrible magic tricks and our whole district just dies laughing because he's laughing so hard.  It's the greatest.  He also talks in like scriptural language in a news castor voice ALL THE TIME and it's really so funny. ( Here at the CCM we think every little dumb thing is funny)  I also LOVE hermana Fletcher.  We may like to do total opposite things, but we really get along and just have fun. 
This week we had a bunch of progressive investigator lessons (fake role-play lessons) and by the end Hermana F and I just tried to do it without staring at our notes (which we always do) and we kind of actually did it!!  I bet our grammar was terrible, and we definitely used some spanglish, but we did it and we felt totally awesome afterwards. 
Monday night we do this thing called TRC.  I have no idea what it stands for but basically its when your companionship teaches the temple workers or other mission couples a little lesson.  (p.s. all of these lessons, and fake investigator things are in spanish. everything.  nerve wracking, yes.)  So we gave our little lesson and then afterward we just talked with the couple.  They are Elder and Hermana Haws from Mesa, Arizona!!  They were adorable and his spanish was sublime.  We got to talking about the areas we will be serving in and Hermana Haws said that the East side (hermana fletcher's mission) is SUPER green and tropical and stuff.  THEN she said, "the west side isn't as green.  It has some green parts but mostly it's actually like a desert.  Like, you'll swear you're in Arizona."  really?  Is this kind of some mean joke?  I was totally deflated.  Arizona?  REALLY???  Her husband butted in and said they really haven't gone to the west side that much so they don't exactly know, and he said it's probably pretty green too.  I just think he said that because I looked like I was about to cry.  But, whatever the West side may look like, I'm excited to get out in the field! 
I still love playing volleyball at gym time.  But, they pump up the balls so hard that I get hige bruises down my arms.  It looks like I have a disease... Sometimes we play ultimate frizbee too and it's so so so much fun!  But I always sweat like a man it's pretty gross.  Actually, it's really gross.  But I figure all the elders smell worse so whatever.  Hermana Fletcher wanted to run the other day during gym time which made me SO happy.  We ran millions of circles around the temple parking lot and halfway around the CCM.  She has pretty bad asthma so we couldn't run a ton, but it was still the best feeling.
K, about the food.  I really wasn't even joking.  We have rice and beans every day for lunch with some kind of meat.  Sometimes chicken, sometimes beef, sometimes you just close your eyes and hope that whatever you're eating doesn't make you puke.  We've already had some very sick elders.  doesn't look fun.  We have a big fruit bowl for lunch every day but if you don't get to it fast you get the fruit noone else wanted at the bottom of the bowl.  The mangos are TO DIE FOR.  And there are always bananas.  I think I had three bananas in one day because you always know a banana is safe to eat.  I'm already sick of the rice.  I never eat it because they dish up your plate for you and they give you a ginormous pile of rice and beans.  For breakfast they have pancakes some days, french toast, cereal, eggs, and oatmeal.  I usually have a pancake with pb and bananas on it, or some oatmeal. 
We went to the store today!!  yes, we broke outside of the jail walls!  I had to get some shampoo and more pens and I also found this little bag of local guanabana lollipops!!  I FREAKED OUT because I remember mom always talking about guanabana.  So i'm pretty stoked to share them with my district.  I swear every other hermana and elder got a pack of oreos.  It was pretty funny.  It was also SO HOT.  oh my gosh I swear if I was outside for a minute longer you would have gotten a phone call saying that your daughter melted into the sidewalk.  The store was about ten minutes away and we walked across busy streets like it was nothing.  Cars were honking horns and people were yelling and it was so hectic out there.  They cram like 17 people in one tiny car and they all stick their heads out the windows and point at the missionaries.  I also was profusely sweating which, i'm sure, was very attractive.  
We went to the temple again this morning.  Loved it.  Next week we go through in a spanish session and i'm already getting nervous. 
I started reading Jesus the Christ, and even though I'm on page 7 I can already tell it's gonna be a good one.  I'm also loving Preach my Gospel.  It's such an incredible and inspired book. 
One of our district's teachers is Hermano Nuñes.  I don't klnow if I already told you about him, but he is hilarious.  I'm pretty much in love with him.  He also wears the sweetest ties.  But he's just all over the place and speaks spanish SO fast sometimes it's ridiculous.  He brought our class a mango the size of my face because we begged him to and then we just stared at it because it was too hard to eat.  He also taught Hermana Rush and brought a picture of her to show me of her birthday at the CCM.  I can't wait to see her in the field!! 
All the haitian missionaries left Tuesday early morning.  On sunday we sang 'god be with you till we meet again' (which is never most likely) and then the most adorable french couple who were their mtc presidents sang 'you may rescue you may save' in french and it was probably the cutest thing I have ever seen.  All the hermanas cried because the haitians left.  haha  BUT, yesterday we got four jamaican sisters!  they are so pretty and hilarious and their voices are great.  We also got a couple latinos.  The jamaicans and latinos will only be here for two weeks though because they already know their languages.  \
We are technically only here for five weeks and two days because they counted that first thursday night we got here our first week.  So I leave the CCM on September 11th. 
Thanks for sending a camera, mom!  You'e the best ever.  And I miss you all like super much.  (All the dominicans say super)  I'm so happy that school is going well and all.  I love you all like crazy and can't wait to here from you in a week!! 

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