Sunday, September 8, 2013

Goodbye CCM!!

Five days and I'm out of the CCM! I can't believe it.  I also can't think about it too much or I start crying.  (emotions flow like ten fold in the missionfield I swear... like when I laugh I LAUGH and when I cry I CRY) I just love it here a lot.  President Freestone is amazing and Hermana Freestone is the cutest.  I love all the missionaries and the teachers so much.  And lets be honest, I love warm showers, freshly made meals, and soft beds.  BUT, I'm way stoked to get into the field on tuesday.  I can't wait to see who my companion will be and where I am and all that fun stuff!  p.s. Since the P-day in the field will be on Mondays now, you guys won't get an email till the 16th I think, or whatever that next monday falls on. 
Last thursday night we celebrated Hermano Nuñez's birthday! It was super fun!  Our district got him a big card, oreos (his favorite, naturally), a mango with our names on it in sharpie (because we begged him to get us a big mango one day and he did, so we got him one too), and a tie from Elder Cunico.  Then we told him we REALLY wanted to have class outside and he seemed kindof peeved but he caved and so we all walked outside by the benches to have "class" and when we turned to corner three other districts were there saying "SURPRISE!"  then we all sang to him and talked a little.  He LOVED it and later told me and hermana Fletcher that that was the best birthday he has ever had.  (AWWW)  He never really gets presents from his family because they can't afford it, and so he said just the meaningul little things we got him, and the singing and surprise really made it super special.  It was so sweet.  I love him.
Ok, guys on friday we went on SPLITS!!  I went into the real world and did real missionary stuff!  It was AWESOME.  I was with hermana jorgensen and hermana Frye, who had both been out in the field for more than 5 months.  Both of their real companions took their teaching appointments so we just went contacting all day which was actually a blast!  We walked everywhere, and I got to see a lot of the city!  I saw a GINORMOUS centepied squished on the road... and although it was dead it gave me the chills just looking at it.  No lie, it was about 10 inches long and 2 inches wide.  YUCK. We talked to this super awesome old lady who just sang songs the whole time we talked to her.  He met a lot of people who were devoted catholics yet they never really go to church.  We sat down with a member to have a little lesson but she just rambled on and on for an hour and twenty minutes about her testimony and who knows what else.   I got to pray like 7 times because everyone wanted to have the nueva missionary pray, and I got to bare my testimony too.  It was way way cool and it made me super excited.  That night we got home at 8, ate a quick dinner and talked to the other missionaries stories and passed out.  yes, I showered first.  the best shower I've ever had i think.
Hey, have I told you guys about the cars they have EVERYWHERE here?  Suzuki's.  Yes, the car from my driving days that I thought was super ghetto is like the car to have over here.  Seriously, having a Suzuki in the DR is like having a Land Rover in California.  Big shot, i tell you. 
As I told you, we got a lot of new missionaries last thursday too.  Well, one of them is named Elder Willett from Gilbert Arizona and he is related to the Willetts in our neighborhood!  Super cool, right??  We know a lot of the same people which is really fun to talk about.  So, you'll have to tell the Willetts!  He's serving in Santiago. 
Our ceiling started dripping on Sunday, so we had an empty cashew can from Hermana Rasmussen catching all the water.  And since it happened on Sunday we couldn't get anyone to fix it till the next day!  Also, the water got turned off for a couple of hours and apparently when it was turned off some people tried to use their sinks and when they didn't work they forgot to turn the knob back and when the water came back on their rooms flooded!  so sad!
K, i forgot to tell you about the gum magnent!  thanks for sending it, mom!  We put it up on the whiteboard to hold up our calendar and Elder Cunico walked in and thought it was real and was SO grossed out.  The rest of us were just like "yeah, that's super gross... whose gum is that?!" and he went right up to it to inspect and he still thought it was real gum!  that stuff is convincing!!  It was super funny, so thanks for that! 
I'm reading Jesus the Christ right now (did I already say that?)  well, it's amazing.  I highly reccommend it.  HIGHLY.
K, COOL STORY.  On Tuesday we had Elder and Sister Anderson of the 70 come and give us a devotional.  It was really incredible and both of their talks were really inspiring.  I loved them a lot.  Afterwords President said we could each go up and shake their hands and introduce ourselves.  this is what happened>>>
Me:  Hi I'm Hermana Huish
Elder Anderson: Hermana Huish?  Where are you from?
Me: Mesa, Arizona
Elder Anderson:  Who is your father?
Me: Karl
Elder Anderson: Karl Huish is your father??  Kathy (he nudged his wife) did you hear that?  This Hermana is the daughter of KARL HUISH.
Me: (blushing)
Elder Anderson: Your father was one of my priests, and is one of my favorite people.  He is such an incredible man.  Can I give you a hig?
Me: (still blushing, hugged Elder Anderson)
Elder and Sister Anderson:  Tell your father hello from Willard and Kathy Anderson!
Sister Anderson:  And your mother is Darcey right?  tell her hello from us too!
K, so cool, right?!?!   I felt really awesome and so grateful that my dad is such an awesome guy!!  They were super excited that I was a descendant of the great Karl Huish.  They also told me a great GREAT story.  So, apparently when Dad went to give his farewell talk we stood up and said "now I have left my talk on my seat because I would like to give this talk from the spirit."  There was a LONG pause for about a minute and then dad said, "Well, the spirit is telling me to use my talk...."  hahahahahahahahahahaha I love you dad! 
Well I have zero time, but I love you lots and can't wait to hear from you soon!!!!!  Adios!
Love, Liv (hermana Huish)
below is Elder and Sister Anderson!

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