Monday, February 10, 2014

No Run!

ok first off..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMA MY SWEET BABY 13 YR OLD!!!!!  wow. 13.  Might be an unlucky number but I heard you already got a cell phone so yeah I guess you just broke all the odds.  way to be!
So... last monday night as a house we planned to get up early and run.  As you can imagine, I was stoked.  Tuesday morning at 545 I got out of bed and was all excited and then hermana ortiz slid into the room and without pause croaked ¨mañana¨ and walked right back into her room.  haha so the run was a no go.  but that´s alright because I was awake to read and jump rope.  haha jump rope.  I remember laughing at Mom when she said she just jump roped her whole mission, but now I see how great it is!

We contacted a bunch and this old lady talked for about 15 minutes and then took my hair in her hands and started praying and called me her saint.  GREAT   haha we tried to tell her that I´m just a person, a missionary.. no saint.  But she didn´t really listen to us.  we thanked her for her time and walked off and she yelled ¨ay MI SANTA¨ and everyone in the streets looked at me all funny.  woops.
We went to Robin´s house and taught Morena.  Robin showed us his fancy guitar his rich uncle gifted him.  He was grinning ear to ear with that thing.  He doesn´t have money for food really, but he has this giant guitar that he treats like the best thing in the whole world.  it´s quite adorable.  Morena was being really timid and wouldn´t really answer our questions, she just looked at the floor.  We noticed this giant bruise on her arm and asked her what happened and then robin told us her ¨esposo¨ beat her... oh my gosh my heart dropped.  Her esposo also ripped and trashed all her clothes and that´s why she said she couldn´t make it to church with us this sunday.  hermana caguimbal and I were heartbroken.
That night we went to Marilyn´s house and her esposo was there!!!  he is NEVER there.  We shared with them and their two kids and talked about the importance of family´s and marraige and he was really awesome about it and told us to come back on saturday to have another lesson with them all!  Well on saturday we came back and he gave us this sweet corn milk stuff and they told us they want to get married!!!!! YES!!!  ah man we are really excited for them.  Then, on sunday Marilyn came to church for the first time ever!  She never can because they go t the campo on sunday mornings, but she arranged her schedule to come!  good, good day!
On wednesday I brought out my inner Mexican-arizonan and made cilantro tortillas and black bean hummus.  It reminded me of home.  and all those days hermana rush tried to mash beans in a pilon in the dark.... good times.
On thursday we ACTUALLY RAN!!!  ahh man it felt so dang good.  although I had to run circles around the other hermanas while they walked, it was so worth it.  i miss my long runs!  the paths! ahh man.  one year! ok no, that´s too soon.
ANYWAYS, on friday morning we had the zone leaders and 4 men at our house to install fans!  yeah we´re living large.  It was a 3 hour operation so I made everyone chocolate pancakes and we chatted with the owner who served in Santiago in 1990.. mom? when were you there again?
We went to familia Mesa and hermana Anna was all alone and half asleep on her chair so we cleaned her SUPER messy kitchen for almost 2 hours.  Like deep cleaned. 
Then we went to Morena and gave her this skirt we bought at a paca.  She screamed and put it on and twirled around in it.  I cried because it was literally the cutest thing i´ve ever seen.
We taught Victor who told us he is excited and preparing for his fecha, dia 15 of march!  yay!  Victor is great!  He is sincere and excited to read and learn, but has trouble coming to church because he works in his uncles campo...
hermana caguimbal was trying to pick a guanabana off a tree with a giant pole with  hook and then she dropped it and it landed on this little haitian baby.  haha.  Hermana caguimbal freaked out and was hysterical and ran to comfort the baby, who took it like a champ and just stood there motionless.  All the haitians just laughed and laughed at hermana caguimbal.  not gonna lie, i was laughing pretty hard too.  ah man. my comp.
We talked with Eduardo who told us his wife told him NO, he can´t get baptized.  we´re super bumbed but we over time his wife will let him.  He still is going to go to church and everything so it´s ok.
On saturday i turned 6 months!!  wow!  and emma turned 13 years!!  we got up super early to walk to the elders capilla to have introvistas with presidente rodriguez! He´s so great.  They fed us conference bread, which is like a dream.  and piña juice.  We chatted with the hermana and I played on their piano, because our rama doesn´t have one!  I also talked to elder garner, a new elder from Mesa, AZ!  lives on Recker and McLellan?  yeah like my neighbor. 
We stopped by familia Mesa and Anna and her daughter were in the car and told us to hop in, they took us on a 10 minute ride to see their finca! $$$$$$$  they´re loaded.  it was ginourmous, and gorgeous
On sunday we went and got Morena in her adorable new skirt and walked to church together.  Kelvin, Brenda, and MArilyn came, and then a few of our menos activos! it was a good day!
We had a legit reunion with the district president and hna. caguimbal and I are now in charge of the family history and temple work class on sundays... errrrr.  wish us luck!
well that´s a wrap!  We played soccer and ate lunch with the elders and during lunch the restaurant was playing despicable me!  ahhh man... THAT¨S WHAT I¨M TALKING BOUT.
love you all!
hermana huish

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