Tuesday, November 19, 2013

brujas and not beans

hey hey hey!  
So I don´t have a ton of time to email this week but it was a great one!  yeah, the amoeba (did I get it right this time??) is gone!  I actually never met with dr. walker and never got my medicine because the time for things to reach the campo is like a zillion years... BUT i am all better thanks to lots of prayers!  

On tuesday we went to a referencia (investigator, the one whose husband just died and 
she's pregnant) we had a great lesson, or so we thought, with her last week and when we went back she was hiding in her house and her sister told us she wasn´t home even though we could actually see her...  then a member told us she has verguenza (shyness) , because her dad (who we have definitely talked to at least three times at his house) is the top bruja of all the brujas in Azua.  He´s like a black magic master and his main craft is stealing little kids from hospitals and selling them to haiti to canibals.....  errrrr yeah.  He also sells peoples souls.  And black magic is like actually a real thing. LIke actually working for the devil.  It´s creepy and crazy!  So, we might not go over there anymore! 
Hermana Rush washing her hair. We have our own salon!!

We have this AWESOME new investigator who we actually contacted.  His name is Cardenio and he is a school teacher and has a wife (a real actual wife!) and two kids.  He has so much energy and is the absolute funniest guy ever.  When we were singing ¨eternas pueden ser las familias...¨ he was all ¨exacto!¨  and kept singing.  SO great! he also gave us a GINORMOUS pile of bananos and watching him try to shove them all into this tiny black colmado bag was one of the funniest things i´d ever seen.  hna. rush and i could not stop laughing.

Wednesday we finally found Evani (the 10 yr old genius) on the side of the street and had a mini lesson all sitting on the dirt.  She asked us exactly ¨how¨ christ was resurrected and we were like... uh.... some things we just don´t know?  then in her prayer she asked that her grandma who just passed away could go to the celestial kingdom and we hadn´t even taught her about the kingdoms of glory or anything about that yet!!!?!  so... she´s obviously reading all the folletos we have given her which noone does and if they do they don´t remember details like that!!  We gave her a book of mormon on friday and she FREAKED OUT.  she was so incredibly happy and we just know she´s gonna read the whole thing in like 17 days or something crazy.  (she reads the bible every day) we are so impressed. 
Riding in the back of a gua gua, recovering from the amoeba! 

That night we taught a menos activa (less active) and then she told us we couldn´t leave and she fed us dominican espaguettis (which is the bomb) and so we ended up being late to our lesson with Greydi and we read the book of mormon with him and answered questions and then we realized it was 8:50!!!!  and in our mission hna´s have to be home at 8:00!  WOW.  so we sprinted home and called quiroga who was thankfully not too mad.  (but we think it´s really funny how SO many mormon 19-20 yr olds are married and maybe even have a baby and are wives but we are 19-20 yr olds who have to call in at night to tell an 18 or 19 yr old elder we are home and report to him our numbers and everything we do... haha) 

On thursday we taught one of our investigators about Castidad (chastity) and she didn´t like it very much because she doesn´t want to marry her ¨esposo¨ (husband) which is such a hard problem here!  so pray that she wants to get married guys!

On friday I realized that I won´t have thanksgiving for three years in a row since last year I stayed in California! and I pretty much cried for 5 seconds.  
But no worries because we are gonna try and make thanksgiving with other Americans in Azua!

Then we taught this menas activa who´s 4 yr old niece was absolutely hilarious.  she cried when she couldn´t read the hymn and then she started sliding off her chair and rolling around the floor.  (hermana rush laughed and said she reminded her of me.... haha which mom and dad will like because I definitely used to always slide off the couch or my chairs and onto the floor...) 

We taught Marian, a little girl who is the daughter of a menos activo family and wants to get baptized soon... and they had adorable puppies that we couldn´t pass up!  

Then we taught a lesson to this sweet lady named Judy who put her fussy baby in the little washing machine. Don't worry, it's not quite how it sounds. 

On saturday we made red beans but when we tried to see if they were soft yet they were actually peanuts!!!  hahaha but to our defense the peanuts look a TON like red beans when they have those thin red shells and are in plastic bags next to all the other beans... 

On Sunday we taught Gabriel and Greydi.  Greydi is a really good baseball player and he is going to play for the GIANTS one day, we just know it.  (and by then I´ll be living in San Fran and I´ll just be able to hang out with him all the time! that´s the plan) 

Then we had a meeting at the church... but first I had to use the restroom.  So, I was sitting in the stall minding my own business when this little girl crawls under the stall door and just starts talking to me, yep, right there, and asking me all these questions... haha it was soooooo great.  hermana rush was dying. 

Well....today for Pday we are gonna go to the Juan Feliz´s and she´s going to teach us how to make all sorts of dominican classics!  so we´re pretty pumped!  

Love you all!!
hermana huish 

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