Monday, November 11, 2013

Amiba and Pumpkin

Pero..... sorta a weird week. Weird as in not so great.  But, I´ll get
to that in a little.

On Tuesday it was raining all day which is really difficult when half
of your investigators have tin roofs.  But we are experts at using our
loud voices now because every colmado blasts crazy loud music and we
have to scream when we teach.  We also sat on Yomaida´s floor while
she did her laundry on tuesday.  But doing laundry in the DR isn´t
like ¨oh just toss all your dirty stuff in the machine and it´ll do
everything for you.¨ you have like three buckets of water and scrub
the soap in one rinse with the other and ultra rinse with the other.
Water gets ALL OVER the floor and clothes get thrown everywhere and
it´s just a big ordeal. Also these people are really good at wringing
out their clothes and making them dry.  it´s crazy they´ll just twist
their clothes around and squeeze and WALLA! dry as ever.

Then we were late to our clase de musica so we ran to the church in
the pouring rain and taught Pollo and Snider beats and notes.  We
found out that spanish notes aren´t called ¨C-D-E-F-G-....¨ but
¨DO-RE-MI-FA-SOL-LA-SI-DO¨ !!  We totally didn´t believe them at first
because we thought that was just a sound of music thing but it´s for
reals!  cool huh??

Also, Hector left for Punticana this week and it´s kinda super sad!
Gabriel has to live with his aunt now but it´s actually good because
she lives closer to us.

Wednesday we got dressedf in like 5 seconds because we forgot the time
and we had to catch the 845 - 915 o´clock gua gua to Padre Las Casas
(dominican time is so difficult) and we sped walked to the bomba like
no other and literally caught the gua gua pulling out so we yelled for
someone to run adn stop the gua gua for us and we ran on and called
the other hermanas to hurry their fannies over to the bomba to catch
the bus!!  We really got lucky on that one.  On the way home from PLC
we took the gua gua straight to teach Almando and when we told Almando
and Juan Feliz that we live in a desert in Arizona they were worried
and Juan Feliz told us we had to find a dominican boy with a finca
(farm) and live here.  (finca = $$$$$$$)

We taught Maribele that night and we talked about eternal families
because her husband was killed three months ago and she has two kids
and is nine months pregnant.  it was SO sad and everyone was crying.

Thursday I woke up and we found worms in the water tank so we emptied
it and cleaned it and then with the little water we had I did all the
dishes because the kitchen was gross.  Then I ate breakfast and felt
SO DANG naucious (however you spell that?)  so we personal studied and
planned for the next week and then hermana rush made lunch but I had
no apetite so I just layed in my bed forever.  Then I tried eating
something but I felt super gross again so we called Quiroga and the
hermana leader to see what to do.  So then I spent all day napping,
reading the book of mormon, staring at the ceiling, and reading old
letters.... it was THE WORST.  so boring.

Friday morning we went to Azua for Zone meeting and then we went to
lunch after and I ate half of my sandwich and felt so sick again.
Because Sabana Yegua doesn´t have any farmacia we called the hermana
leader again to see what we should buy at the farmacia since we were
still in Azua.  Then Hermana Rodriguez called and said I needed a lab
test done to make sure I didn´t have an Amiba.

Saturday we went to Azua and got the test done and they said the
results wouldn´t come till 5 that night so we went back to Sabana
Yegua and read and layed around all day again.  It was seriously so
boring.  And not to mention i was STARVING because every time I ate my
stomach killed so I just basically ate nothing for three days.  Then
we went back to Azua and they handed us the result slip but it was in
written all scribbly (and in spanish-....) so we couldn´t really
understand and since no one really said anything when they handed us
the slip we figured it was nothing serious so we were gonna leave but
then we quickly had this lady read it over and she said I have an
Amiba.  GREAT.  So... we had to wait in this tiny hectic office for
the main doctor to talk to the office elders to figure out some stuff.
Side note- this office was the size of a colmado, had three beds
stuffed in it and each bed was occupied by someone graoning or
throwing up, there was a dripping sink with utensils in it, a cabinent
filled with drugs that was completely open with no one guarding it
(hermana rush and I thought that would be a great opportunity to make
some cash to fund our future trips to travel the world but then we
thought we´re missionaries... better not steal and then sell
drugs....) anyways, we finally got the doctor to talk on the phone
with the elders and we had to go home and send pictures to the doctor
in the capital to see what medicine I should get.

Anyways Sunday I didn´t really eat anything again so I wouldn´t feel
too sick so we could finally go out and teach.  We went to Greydi and
he started reading the Book of Mormon!!!!  and he seemed like he
really liked it a lot and even explained everything about their family
and leaving jersusalem and stuff. It was AWESOME.

So now it´s monday... we made Gabriel cookies early this morning and
brought him them for his birthday!!!  he was SO HAPPY.  it was the
cutest thing.

We are still waiting for a call from the doctor to see what medicine I
should get.  So this morning I didn´t eat anything but I´m thinking
I´d rather not be starving, So it´s eaither hunger pains or food pains and the problem is
figuring out which pain is worse...

Also, hermana rush and I are trying really hard to find canned pumpkin
in Azua but we can´t find it anywhere!  but what will thanksgiving and
the holidays be without pumpkin bread and pumpkin cookies and pumpkin
pie!?!?!  so pray for pumpkin everyone.

Well that´s about it for this week.  It´s been a slow one with the
amiba and all... but an amiba is not as bad as some other things out
there so that´s a blessing!

Oh my gosh also I received Kortni and Nico´s  wedding announcement in
the mail.  Cutest thing I have ever seen!!!!!  wow I stared at it for
like 5 hours on friday when I had nothing else to do!  I´m so excited
and a little sad that mom and izze are going without me but send lots
of pictures!!!!
love you
hermana huish

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