Monday, December 9, 2013

Me Voy!!

Hola hola!
A great week....
monday night we went to a referencia.  We walked up to her house, she kindly let us in, and just as we were sitting down on her fancy couch she went OFF.  She rambled and rambled faster than some of these gua gua´s and just preached about Dios and church and whatnot.   For 20 minutes hna. rush and I just sat there and when we would try to butt in and get in a word she wouldn´t even budge.  So the best part though, is that we had like the EXACT same experience with this other lady about a month ago and she was a little crazy and while this sister was on her rant the other lady walks in and they´re sisters!  And both VERY evangelica.  So we somehow caught her at a long breath and got out of there!
On tuesday Almondo was sick when we had gotten all the way out there but we kinda forced him to come have a mini lesson with us.  His baptism is still on for the 14 of diciembre so yay!
marian remembered EVERYTHING we had taught her the past week and she´s definitely been waiting to get baptized for a while now so we called Quiroga and her baptism was scheduled for Saturday!
Gabriel has a whole slew of friends who come to church with him.  They are all so adorable and one o them is a kid who is in his class in school... and he wants to learn the lessons too!  So... deaf kid take two!  He is so sweet and his name is Yefri and we are SO lucky that we had already made that book for Gabriel and are working on the new nice one for President!
Then we had to go back to Mariana to finish the last couple mandamientos (commandments)  before her intro vista (interview).  Castidad (chastity) being one of them... So side note, her member mom and non member dad are actually not married.... so we didn´´t want to be awkwardly talking about chastity infront of her mom (who is a little crazy) so hna rush just asked her mom to explain chastity herself!  haha good idea except for Lydia´s explanation of chastiy was ¨to not wear mini shorts or low shorts and wear shirts that will cover those things your aunt Marcela wears under her clothes¨  haaha yeah we had to teach that one over once Lydia left to use the bathroom...
Wednesday we had our last district meeting of the trnsfer!  Holy cow has time flown by!! After 
during lunch time we made our pumpkin pie for thanksgiving beause the luz left and the crust was melting.  But it turned out so beautiful (and I did not drop it) and we had to try real hard to not eat it or pull a Dana and scoop some out from underneath.
We taught Evani, who is still plowing through her Libro De Mormon!  We had not talked about baptsim with her a lot yet because she is so young and needs apollo from the ward major, but during the lesson she stopped us and said ¨ok, so not this thursday, but the next I would like to get baptized¨  oh my gosh, she´s adorable.  We had to explain to her that she needs a couple more times at church and also baptisms are usually on Saturdays.  Then when we tried to set up our next cita we asked if we could come friday after school and she said ¨No because at 5 on friday I will be at the Library¨.  Yeah, this girl is for reals the cutest and also most ontop of things than all of our other investigators combined because most people forget that the have compromisos in 30 minutes,but she knows  rememberes all her plans for the next 2 weeks!
Thursday.  THANKSGIVING!!  We got our pie and pumpkin cookies with cream cheese frosting (we had to get up at 5 am when we had luz to BLEND brown sugar to make¨powdered sugar¨ to make frosting... haha) and took a gua gua to Azua with the other missionaries and had feast! Chicken, mashed potatoe, orange rolls, tarts, our pumpkin stuff (which everyone freaked out about because noone knew we had somehow gotten ahold of PUMPKIN!) and carrot cake.  It was really great and a little last of America all the way in Azua!

Thursday night we sat down with Isamar, a menos activa we´ve been working with, and whenwe asked her why she didn´t show up to church and she said she has work now hna rush told me to find a bold scripture about baptsim (2N 31 14 yo creo) and we were gearing up to give a fat boche.  Then up walks Isamar, who besos our cheeks and sits down.... We had been talking to her sister who is not even a member!!!  hahahaha woops! 
Friday morning I basially worked on the book for president ALL DAY!  seriosuly forever.  (ok, not all day we obviousy went out and worked)
Saturday... Mariana´s baptism!  She really has a cruch on Quiroga and wanted him to baptize her but Padre Las Casas is too far away so Presedente baptised her!  It was really great and she was so happy!
Saturday night hna rush hna hernandez and I stayed uplate digging into the scriptures about the after life and intelligences and spirits and it was so fun and I LOVE doing that kind of stuff.  I just want time to read all the crazy awesome books the church has.... but that´ll definitely have to be after the mission... no spare time here!
Ay mi Madre! on sunday we FINALLY GOT WATER for the first time in a week!  what a giant relief.  (we really hadn´t been able to shower in 4 days... YIKES)
Greydi came t church!!!!! ya ya ya!  he´s the best and is also LOVING the book of mormon.
We talked to Black and Esnider who are going to put in their mission papers soon!  they´re super amazing membrs from haiti.
Then at 8 or so we made a bonfire on our roof and sat on the roof and roasted hot dogs and drank malta moreno (yuck) and talked and waited for transfer calls!
.......................................... me voy..................................
I´m leaving SABANA YEGUA!! NOO!!!!!
yeah.  heart ripped in two.  Totally not what I was expecting at all but I guess it´s my time to go!  But we won´t know till tonight where I´m going and who our companion wil be.  crazy anticipation! 
But.... today we are going to go around to all my favorite people so I can say my goodbyes!  tear.
I´m really gonna miss this place. ´
love you all!
hermana huish

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