Friday, October 25, 2013

STRESS and More Stress

So.... last monday night at the Juan Feliz cabana we were teaching Almando about the difference between an ordenancia and a convenio.  Almando seemed a little confused and finally Juan Feliz told everyone to stop talking so he could "simply explain this".  I was super relieved until he started with "So let's say you were going to buy a solar panel..." oh no...:)   They are so great and are so earnest in their teaching!! And even though they can stress us out a little we love them for it. 

Monday night we tried to make homemade pizza!  It was a successfull first attempt.... 

Tuesday we taught this kid named Jonel but his real name is Grady.  His best friend showed up who is named Greibi (yeah, graby and greidi...) who turned out to be a menos activo!  We had a great lesson and both were super into it.  At the end of the lesson we noticed a guy sitting there and we went up to talk to him.  He said he listened to the whole lesson and loved it.  He said he'd seen us around before and everytime we're there he just feels good inside.  awwww!!!

We taught Eveni and Laudri, but they were a little unfocused and running around so we watched the joseph smith first vision on the computer (they have a computer!!!!) and they liked that a lot.  

Thursday we had intercambios with the Hermana Leader and her companion.  But there are so many hermanas that we didn't split up companionships one of them just went with us and the other with the latinas.  It was fun!  But that night hermna rush and I gave up our beds so they could sleep in them and slept on the floor.... oh my heck worst decision of my life!  for some reason it didn't cross my mind that sleeping on a cold tile floor with nothing underneath you and no pillow to cushen your head would actually be super uncomfortable.  We didn't sleep a wink:( 

What makes that even better is the next morning we had introvistas with Presidente Rodriguez!  We all bucket showered and took a gua gua to Azua.  There we received packages (THANKS MOM FOR THE CLIFF BARS AND CRYSTAL LIGHT!! ) and talked with our zone.  Then President arrived and gave a mini devotional and then we started with the interviews while Hermana Rodriguez talked to us.  Hermana Rush and I told her that we went to the same high school before and have known each other since we were three and now we're companions and she FREAKED out.  She was stoked.  Then I told her that my mom served in Santiago and knew who she was, the 14 yr old daughter of the super star family in Santiago, and she LOVED that!!  It seriously made her day, she was jumping up and down and kept saying it's a small world!!  Finally, at 4-ish we each had a 5 minute interview and then got ourselves some lunch at an actual kind of restaurant in Azua and we brought President a frozen chinola because it was his birthday! 

Saturday..... the most stressfull day of my dang life.
Hermana Rush and I helped Presidente Feliz deap clean the whole capilla which took a million years and then we started filling the pila.  
We had district meeting and after Oly had her introvista with Elder Quiroga.
Then we went home and made cookies for the baptism and it was so hot in the kitchen and we actually hadn´t had time or water to shower in a couple of days so we looked pretty gross...
Then we went to visit Maria and she wasn´t there so we talked to Hector for a bit and he was blasting his missionary EFY music and singing his heart out and it was awesome.
Then we ran home and grabbed the last minute stuff for the baptism and went to the church at 5:30 and the baptism was scheduled for 6.  
when we got there the pila was empty.  EMPTY!!!
we freaked mainly because it had taken 5 horas to fill up that morning and we only had thirty minutes.
presidente helped us hook up every hose we could find the all the bathrooms and everything and somehow we were able to fill the font in 45 minutes! 
Oly obviously showed up right at 6 (but it was fine because in the DR being on time is usually being about 30 minutes late...) so not everyone was there yet either.  

We knew she was ready but she is just so shy and timid that the thought of getting baptized infront of 40 people was killing her.  

I don´t really know how, but she stayed... and the second she got under that water hermana rush and I were SO relieved and happy and Oly was grinning from ear to ear and it was so exciting.  OLY ACTUALLY GOT BAPTIZED PEOPLE! And she was so happy, which of course, makes us so happy!   

During church we had to talk to a million people to figure out stuff for Gabriel´s baptism, which is gonna really happen this Saturday probably!  He is something special alright.  Everytime we see him he asks when he´ll actually get baptized (in sign) and we keep having to push back his date because of his mom who is always not ready and were praying this is the week!  He´s super happy and we made him a countdown chain!

Well, that´s really it for this week.  It´s been a stressfull one!  But today we´re just going to sleep and do absolutely nothing which rocks.  
Love you all!!!

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