Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sign Language and Coconuts

Hola Hola

The ghetto computer I´m using has a super still space bar so I´m having to basically slam my thumb on the space bar every second and it´s driving me crazy...Anyways... life is great!!   Last monday after we got home we went to this member´s house and then Pollo was there too and we were all chatting and Milagros (the member´s name) got a phone call from Pollo´s brother who asked to talk to me on the phone.  So he asked how I was doing and then he went on this long tangent and I just gave the phone to hermana rush and she thankfully finished off the awkward conversation for me... but long story short I have my first Dominican Fan and he´s Pollo´s brother.

Tuesday the Clawsons came for a house check and thank heavens we actually had enough water to mop and wash our dishes for the first time in a while!  They said they were impressed with how clean the house was even though we like NEVER have water or luz and we were like ¨yeah, that´s right it is impressive so thanks for actually noticing!¨  (We like to laugh at how our missionary friends in Europe and the states talk about the new Ikea couches they get and the fancy waffle irons and the fancy food they make and then there is us eating wafers and peanut butter in the candle light fanning ourselves with Castidad folletos because we are dripping sweat at 9 at night) 

So Oly´s new fecha (baptism date) is for the 19th of October and we´re super stoked and she´s super stoked and we love her a lot.  Although she´s so timid and sometimes a pain she´s actually the funniest thing ever.  Also (this is really good) her brother who is 20 years old has 6 children.  SIX!  at TWENTY!  And his oldest child is 8.  But thats just typical DR stuff.  We contacted a fancy rich house last week because we have been wanting to get into one and on TUesday we went back for our cita (lesson) and there were two boys there from the neighborhood who seemed actually really interested!  So we are excited about them.We were on our way to the chapel in the church to go teach music class and when we passed the primary room we saw millions of church pictures scattered across the floor and instantly we knew it was an answer to prayers!  We sorted through them all and found the best ones to help us teach Gabriel (the deaf kid).  So we were SUPER excited about that.  We had a lesson with this cute girl named Veronica.  Her husband is a menos activo.  We asked her if there was anything we could do to help her in any way and she said ¨find my family¨.  We asked what she meant and it turns out she has NO idea who her parents are!  So sad.  So we tried to comfort her and tell her we will try our hardest to talk to people and help her out.  But it just made me so grateful for my amazing family.  It´s so sad because we have this wonderful message to share about eternal families and most people think it´s not that great because their families are crazy here.  Most people only know one of their parents and all their siblings are from a different dad or mom and just so disfunctional and its super sad.  They really don´t have ¨families¨ they just have a lot of half relatives.  So, even though the roads here aren´t that smooth, a TON of people have roller blades here. So, mom, send me my roller skates so I can fit in. thanks.

On thursday we figured out that our giant stash of bananas was quickly going bad so we made banana bread. Except we live in the DR and we don´t have real recipes or even real measuring cups so it definitely turned out as a banana brick.  But we still ate the whole thing, obviously.

We walked a mile to the Juan Feliz house to teach an investigator who lives with the super star mormon family in Sabana Yegua.  Their pretty much the funniest family in the whole world too.  Brother Juan Felix just sits in his metal chair all day outside under their straw tent and sticks his feet up on the table.  Their whole family just mumbles and talks SO fast too and all at the same time.  When we got there he macheted off huge chunks of sugar can for us and they said we shouldn´t start the lesson till everyone was done eating their sugar cane. So we chomped and spit and talked for like 40 minutes until we had finally choked down our giant sticks of sugar.  once again... super classy.We taught Arrangelli and Hector and Ramona and their cute baby. They're my favorite investigators because Hector seems super interested and we´re so excited about them!Hermana Rush and I went a little crazy and bought ground meat at a comlado and made it for lunch on Friday!  It was so crazy and awesome and wonderful to eat real meat!  And we have yet to get sick so we´re feeling pretty good about our colmado meat now!Eduar is so perezoso (lazy) and we gave him a mini boche on Friday because he wasn´t keeping any commitements and we see him all the time just sitting around.  

Then there is Gabriel.  He is deaf and mute and can´t communicate with anyone really and we tried to teach him how to pray in sign friday night and he was trying SO HARD to understand and he is the sweetest boy in the world and so patient and so smiley and happy and he seriously comes to church every week and tries his best to learn even though his circumstances are so terrible and he is such a huge inspiration.  Friday night we really really wanted to try our coconuts so we spent two hours trying to saw open our coconut with a kitchen knife.  It was a long process and finally hermana Moronta came over with her Dominican Woman strength and just slammed the knife straight through it and opened it for us.... I was way impressed.  And we were super stoked to drink thecoconut water and eat the real deal coconut stuff (even thought it´s nothing close to american shredded coconut that´s basically sugar...) Saturday we wanted to go to general conference (broadcast from Salt Lake City) so bad in Azua but as missionaries you have to have an investigator if you want to go to conference so we dragged our new investigator and her adroable 10 year old sister into coming with us by telling them we would buy them ice cream (I´m making this sound terrible...they were actually super excited to go...) Anyways when we sat in their house and waited for them to get dressed, their youngest sister, Hellen, was prancing around in her tiny panties and then she was sitting next to me on their couch and hermana Rush pulled out her camera and she was flinging her legs all overme and posing and being absolutely hilarious we were all dying.  She´s a riot.  And we can´t wait to go back to their house now.But anyways...back to conference.... it was super great besides the fact that I pretty much understood like nothing except the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.   Not really, I actually got a couple things like the basic themes and stuff but after like two hours of trying so hard to concentrate on spanish my brain was shutting down so I would just close my eyes and chill for a little bit inbetween. But one time Lowdrey and Eveneli (the two 13 and 10 year old adorable investigators) looked over at me ¨sleeping¨ and laughed and I was super embarrassed because they were actually taking notes and I, the missionary, was napping.  whoops!  Oh also, did you guys see the family choir?!  Did you see the girl in the red shirt at the end of the first song who was seriously so into the song?!  I really hope you guys all saw that because she made my day.  Funniest thing ever, I hope you guys know what I´m talking about!Saturday night we passed a panaderia after we dropped off the girls at their house and we convinced the bread guy to make us  integral rolls because we´ve been dying for not white bread. He also gave us two sweet rolls for only 5 pesos and then a free coconuti! (the never ending perks of being the only two white girls in Sebana Yegua) Well... that´s about it for this week!  Today for p'day we hid out in the middle of a banana farm and drank coconut water from coconuts and chilled in the dirt. It was great!

Love and miss you all!!!!  

hermana huish 

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