Monday, October 28, 2013

ALL About Gabriel

Ok, seriously where to begin??
We taught Gabriel a TON this week.  Every time we go teach Gabriel we
have to draw out the lesson plans and bring the primary pictures to
help explain... (because we don't know sign language, he doesn't
exactly either, and he cant read)  so we easily spent over an hour a
day planning and drawing out the lessons just for Gabriel.  But the
work paid off because he was really getting it and understanding.
So we woke up and hurried on over to Gabriel's house (we have
to teach him in the mornings during our study time because he has
school at 12 in Azua).  We taught him the mandamientos and he was
pretty much understanding all of them.  But then we got to chastity...
How in the world do you draw out a picture of chastity???  So.. we
drew a pregnant lady and man in a house and crossed it out and then
drew the same picture with rings on their fingers and a picture of
them getting married first and circled that one.  ha.  But Hermana
Rush and I were still a little worried about how to explain the
picture so we looked over at Hector (Gabriel's brother who just got
back from his mission) and told him he could teach him chastity (we
told him he had to teach chastity mainly because he always makes fun
of our buns ontop of our heads and calls them UFO's)

we FINALLY saw the popsicle motor guy in our area when we
were walking to an appointment.  We never see him but the other
hermanas say they always do so we kinda freaked out and ran up to him
like 5 year olds.  And they were SO good too.  worth the 15 pesos.

Tonight we went to Gabriel's house to tell him we were coming
by the next morning again and he was super stoked to show us that
there were only three chains left on his baptism chain we had made for
him!   He's the cutest.

We went to teach Almando at the Juan Feliz's house after
lunch.  We caught a gua gua and took it out to their house ad once we
got there no one was home!  So we sat in Juan Feliz's car chair and
put our legs up on the table while we called Juan Feliz to see where
Almando was.  He said he was probably in Azua or something.. bummer.
We tried getting ahold of Almando and got nothing, so just as we were
about to have to walk 30 minutes home Juan Feliz pulls up in his truck
and tell sus to get in and drives us home!  He's the best.  Also, Juan
Feliz is super great because he doesn't text and drive.  He just stops
in the middle of the road when he needs to send a text and sits there
for as long as he needs.

We visited Oly and talked about scripture reading and the usual
preserverar hasta el fin spiel (persevere to the end). She's great.

Then we went to Pollo's house to talk about our Ward missionary
meeting and he told us Hector was planning on leaving for the temple
in Santo Domingo in the morning and he was going to leave for his
new job all the way in Santiago right after.... which means he'll miss
his own brtoher's baptism which he is supposed to be the baptizer at.
So we marched over to Hector's house (next door) and gave him a mini
boche and we were so ticked and Hector just said he needs this job so
he can move to California.  ugh
So... yeah Hermana Rush and I were seriously annoyed and just prayed
so hard that Gabriel's baptism won't fall through! because Gabriel has
been asking us for a month and a half when he'll get baptized and it
was finally happening!
(back story... Gabriel has been going to church for the past two years
and has wanted to become a member for forever but no one really did
anything about it because they were all waiting for Hector to get
home.  No missionaries every really tried to teach him either... we're
not sure why.  But because he can't hear no one really knew how.  So
when we started trying our best to teach him he asked EVERY time we
saw him when he can get baptized.  so sweet)

We went back to teach Almando, and there is nothing like
teaching an 80 year old the law of chastity!  But he's a classy old
man and really liked it all so it went pretty well!  But Juan Feliz
just laughed at us the whole time when we had to say awkward things!
But then Almando said he wants to get baptized.. like real soon!!  So
that's exciting!  he just wants to finish his divorce stuff which will
be over by the end of the week!

We taught Jonel who is super sweet and great.  And then his little 14
year old sister came out and we were talking to her and she was super
adorable and then we asked if she wanted to come to church on Sunday
and she said she couldn't because she would be in the capital and we
asked why and she said "oh because I live with my husband in the
capital"  WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!  yeah this stuff is actually semi normal
here.  but still.  We were shocked that this cute 14 year old that we
were thinking would be a great addition to our young womens was
actually married to a 27 year old and pregnant.  So crazy!  and
actually so sad.

ok now back to the good stuff......

for reals.  So hermana rush and I woke up and quickly got ready to go
get Gabriel for his introvista.  We were praying that he wouldn't be
far from his house so we could find him quickly and when we turned the
corner he was already sitting waiting for us outside!  And then Hector
peered out the door!  Hector was here!!!  not in the capital or at his
job!  We thanked him for coming to his senses. Then the three of us
walked to the capilla and reviewd the book we put together of all the
drawings of the lessons.   Hermana Rush and called Quiroga to see
where he was and he said they actually couldnt make it!
WHAT!!  I literally screamed "what" and then in walks Quiroga laughin
his head off.  funy joke... not!

Then we all sat down and for Gabriel's introvista he taught us
EVERYTHING from the book.  And he did is perfectly.  It was
incredible.  Edler Quiroga kept saying how much Gabriel really knows
and we were like Yeah he's amazing!  It went really well and it was
great for Elder Quiroga and his companion to see how special Gabriel
is. Gabriel even made Quiroga's companion smile (and he's usually a
Anyways, Gabriel knew everything and all those frustrating days of
trying to teach him for hours and not getting anywhere totally paid
off!  After we finished and Gabriel prayed in his head to end Quiroga
said he had to call president.  We were super nervous because usually
when there's a special situation like Gabriel it's hard for everything
to be oked by president.  But then Quiroga came back in the room after
15 stressfull minutes for h. rush and I and was smiling super big!
He looked so proud of us and said that President wanted to thank us
for our hard work and that he could feel the spirit when Quiroga
talked to him about Gabriel.  Then he said President wants me to draw
out another book for him like the one we made Gabriel!  wow pressure!!
But anyways it was such a great feeling and the spirit was so strong
and cute Gabriel was super happy and we were super happy and it was
the best!
At  1:00 we cleaned the capilla and filled the pila with Hector, Pollo,
and Gabriel. At 3:00 we hurried and finally showered and ran to a
couple citas. Then we went to set up the church.  Gabriel and his
family showed up and then like the ENTIRE rama showed up.  It was
incredible to see everyone there!!  There were so many people we had
to move from the small room with the pila to the chapel for the
We watched two strenght for youth videos instead of talks so Gabriel
could watch them and he really seemed to love it!  Then hermana rush
shared a brief testimony and we all crowded into the other room for
the baptism!!  THEN GABRIEL FINALLY GOT BAPTIZED!!  it was so special
and my eyes were so watery and I tried so hard not to cry the whole
night.  Gabriel was beaming the rest of the night and it was so cute.
Then it was over and we handed out our famous cookies that have more
oil in them than should ever EVER be consumed, but whatever... (we make
these cookies for every district mtg and baptism and everyone dies
over them and it's great because people like me even if they can't
understand me that well..)

the most amazing young man I know!!!!
Sunday was super wonderful as well when Gabriel was confirmed.  He's
the cutest and I really care about him like he's my little brother.
Anyways... I know like all I talked about was Gabriel because i LOVE
HIM SO MUCH but we actually did have lessons with other people this
week.... We have a great investigator named Mira who let hermana rush
do her dishes while I taught her about the book of mormon and prayer.
haha it was actually super awesome though because she was so stoked
about her dishes being clean that she paid attention better than
Also about an hour ago hna rush and I were at the print shop to print
baptism pictures and an army guy came in for a picture and he didn't
know how to tie a tie and no one else in the room knew how to so I
stood up and tied his tie for him.  (not gonna lie I felt pretty
awesome that I knew how to tie a tie.) and that's definitely a GREAT
journal entry-  I tied an army man's tie today.
Anyways... Love you all and thanks for all the letters and packages!!!!
hermana huish

Gabriel disguised as a "rubio"

Gabriel getting baptized by his big brother, Hector

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