Tuesday, September 17, 2013


HOLA FAMILIA!!  So.... I´m in the field!
But first.... My last couple of days at the CCM were amazing.  I´m going to miss that place and those people A LOT.  But I´m also loving the field.  It´s so exhausting but so amazing at the same time.  Our last gym time at the CCM Reed (an Autistic boy whose dad is in the 70 and live in the DR, and he always plays with us during gym time) wanted to play missionary tag.  So we´re al running around and I am being chased and of course I slip and fly on the ground in front of the whole CCM crew and I just hear everyone gasp and like 50 elders rush over to help me up.  So, don´t worry, I´m still living up to my nickname ´hurt-a-lot´in the DR.  On Monday nigth we all said our last goodbyes with the teachers and the other missionaries and I cried like a baby.  Tuesday morning we got up SUPER early, I grabbed two chunks of banana bread and literally had to shove them down my throat in two seconds because we had to get on a giant bus really fast to go to the transfer building.  We got there, had tiny interviews with president Rodrigues (who is really really sweet) and then went into the chapel to get our areas and our trainers.
K, I´m a campo child.... which means I´m in the campo (obviously).  My Area is called Azua and i´m in Sabana Yesua which is this tiny little ghost town on the side of Azua.  It´s super chill and super hot and kinda like a desert.  Oh yeah, my trainer is SO cute, I mean I´ve known her for like my whole life so we get along really well which is awesome. Yeah, MY TRAINER IS HERMANA RUSH, GUYS.   God must love me a lot!  She´s an incredible trainer and I love her and my life is awesome. 
Our house is pretty nice actually!  It has an upstairs, where Hermana Rush and I sleep, and then a downstairs where the kitchen and the desks and the two other hermanas (hermana Hernandez from Chile, and Hermana Moronta from the DR) sleep.  The upstairs is awesome except we don´t have a motor to get the water upstairs so we take bucket showers from the water outside.  I´m pretty sure I never really get clean and I already have started to smell weird.... but it´s great!  Also, because we dont really have water our dishes never get clean so we have to use the blender to dump the bucket water over our heads!  We also only have light (electricity) from one in the morning until eight in the morning, so we don´t have light or working fans when we get home and its pitch black. like really pitch plack because there are no street lights or anything either.  We plan in the candle light and sometimes try to make food for dinner but usually not because we actually don´t really have food.  Sabana Yesua is kind of empty.  People are never around and there are NO grocery stores or anything.  NONE.  The colmados are pretty much the only place we can go to get food and they only sell pan and eggs.  So I pretty much eat five rolls a day with peanut butter and sometimes some eggs.  When we get home at night we are so tired and hot and usually too tired to make food (or just tired of pan) so we eat Sonic mints from Hermana Rush´s mom and chocolate wafer cookies we bought when we were in the capital before we drove down to Azua.  Hermana Hernandez´s birthday was on Saturday so we had bought her a cake when we were in the capital and made it in the oven after a guy came and brought us our giant gas tank on his tiny motor.  We also had blue frosting which turned our tounges and teeth blue, which is pretty attractive, and I´d say a door opener for us missionaries (not).  We are also white washing the area, which means the elders were here before but now the sisters are taking over, so all of us are new to the area and don´t know anyone so we have done a lot of meeting new people and trying to find addresses and members and stuff.  We have met a lot of wonderful people and the branch here

 is super adorable.  After church on sunday hermana Rush and I were opening the gate to our house when this man came up and tried to get into the house and kept shaking our hands and mumbling and we shut the gate really fast.  Also a lot of guys stand around at the corner by our house.  So we had just told our DL´s a little bit about that and really quickly it got to the AP´s and the president and then the branch president and soon we had like 5 priesthood holders at our door making sure we were ok, it was super sweet.  turns out, we live kitty corner from a prostitution home.  hahaha... yeah.  But we´re safe and not too worried about it because the men in the ward have offered to walk us home when it´s late and dark at night.  k, I have no time because the computers are so dang slow... but I love you all and want to hear more about home!  I miss you and love and and am loving the work!  I´m sure there is a lot I´m missing but there´s no time.  love you all!
hermana huish
oh!  p.s. elder (josh) peterson went to highschool with me and graduated with me and he is serving in Oeste too!  Small world!  

My new companion Hermana Rush (not the one in the middle:) 

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